The Toccoa Times

Our own newsletter, that will have event reports, features on our members, upcoming events, notifications, history of our units and probably a lot more once it gets going. The first issue is only 1 page, but seeing as I haven't been to a event for a while I thought a whole page was a pretty good start. If you do something daft enough, you know it's now going to be recorded for all time, you can thank Mon and Abbie for this idea... thanks girls for giving me more things to do ;)






miss drop #1

This is only a small part of what we do, a website is simply too small to handle everything. With Facebook going to shit in terms of historical interest... basically if they don't like, they delete it or hide it. The Military History Network has been created. Bringing together, collectors, military historians, re-enactors, military vehicle enthusiasts and anyone else interested in anything military related. Not being run by a company, but by collectors and reenactors for likeminded folk. It is completely free, has no stupid rules, there is no need to sensor photographs containing things that make FB cry, resulting in bans and deleting history... this is the future of all things military related.

MHN Logo green.jpg

come join us!