Russell Simpson

I have been debating with myself about including him on this website for a while. It's only fair to the hobby that I share with you who I consider to be the worst thing to exist in the relic hunting / bottle digging / collecting world. 

His manipulation over people is a talent in itself, his lies and warped sense of reality adds to his games he plays with people to get their trust. However, let me start at the begining of my misfortunate history with this toxic individual.

I was told my Jay that he had been talking to this chap Russell on a bottle digging forum, he wasn't interested in militaria at all and only wanted the bottles/pots etc that we find along side the militaria relics. Jay would give him these and Russel would give him the relics. This was what Russell told to Jay, I saw the facebook messages myself. Fast forward a week or so and Jay said did I want to check out a possible location of a bottle dump; and this Russell would come along also so I could meet him. He struck me straight away as an ineresting character, asking the value of everything over than its historical importance or interest. The site was a bust and we found nothing, however the momerable point was that Russell kept on about how our small Draper spades were rubbish and that his full sized garden spade was much better, he had been digging with it for years, sharpens it, its the best thing ever and if you rub it the right way it grants wishes (exagerated slightly, but you get the gist!)... then when showing us how amazing his spade was... SNAP! I found it hard to contain my laughter as you can imagine. After this I didn't see/talk to him for some time. 

Jay and Alan had arranged to go to 'Canada' for some relic hunting, Jay simply invited Russel along, under the promise that he wouldn't go there and dig the sites without them. Alan was not amused by Russells arrival, but what could he do. He was now already there and the secret was out as to the location of this site. In fact, not just one site, but two! Paul who actually lives close to the site and who had been digging these sites for years was less than amused by what was about to happen. 

The very next day Russell was back digging the site on his own. I was contacted by Paul who said Russell had been back on his own and could I ask him not to go. As site admin and to keep the peace I did just that, he promised that he wouldn't go back. So all was right with the world... at least for now.

The very next day (yes, I know, unbelievable) he went back and Paul again contacted me asking what was going on. I contacted Russell again and said "can you stop digging the site without us, we will all go soon, just to keep the peace stop going". He again promised not to go again... you can already see where this is going! He went back over and over and over and over. The lies continued, I was sick of his lies so kicked him from our group. Blocked him and never wanted to hear from him again. Not because he was digging the sites on his own, I can't stop him, I have no right to try and stop him. It was simply the lies that did it for me, how could I ever trust him with details of sites, I couldn't trust him to  help recover soldiers and I sure as hell couldn't trust him to help return items to families or veterans. 

Since this he worms his way in with a whole selection of other relic hunters, all of which get burned by him as he loots and plunders all he can for his own greed. He tells people that he has permissions to digs sites, he tells people that he finds all the sites. If you ever have the misfortune to come across this guy, do yourself a favour, block him, ignore him and most important don't let him anywhere near your sites. They will be empty as fast as he can dig them. He is a ruthless plundering machine.

I learnt today of some amusing things, he has been telling people how much he hates me, how much he wants to find my 'dog-tag' site. The highlight for me had to be his reason as to why I don't like him, at least this bit of pure fiction is what he tells other people. The story goes that he took a machine (probably a digger) to one of my sites and emptied it, that's why I don't like him... apparantly. Ignoring the fact I have never dug with him, talked to him about any sites or even seen since that fisrt meeting. Except for one occassion where I blanked him, he turned up when the three of us were dump digging. He walked over to Jay, talked to him briefly and then went over to Alan and spoke with him, on his way out he said something to from a distance, I simply carried on digging.

This is not chronological, but I just remembered about this aswell - There was a site full of practice concrete Teller Mines, Russell got word of this sites existance and being in the area with one day with Jay or Alan they said they would swing by and get one for him. Again, he was told not to go back there... of course he did, he was seen by the guys site who it is. He told him that Alan/Jay had said it was OK to go there when the hadn't. He has since take countless of these items. Out of sheer greed, nothing other than pure selfish greed. He tries to twist his lies to cover up other lies but none of it ever makes any sense. He will tell you what ever it is he thinks you want to hear. He will play one relic hunter off against another. 

He took another relic hunter, lets call him '1', to a couple of sites, Weedon being one of those to win 1 over and then get access to his sites. He told 1 that he had permission, Weedon was his site... then they got caught, he blamed everything on 1 and tried to get him in trouble. Not learning his lesson, Russell took him out again, this time to one of his other sites... 'Canada'. Again clearly by Russells behavoir it was not a site they were allowed to be on. Sadly for 1, he had told Russell about one of his sites. This site has since been looted and Russell invited other people we know to go and dig 'his' site.

Recently I was on a trip to help recovered the reamains of over 120 German soldiers killed during ww2. Apparantly Russell thinks that I should invite him to come help as he worked as an archeologist!!! Seeing the wanton descruction that he has left around the countryside where he has plundered sites and left it looking like a lunar landscape is NOT the work of anyone who claims to be or has been an archeologist. Does he really think people will believe such crap?

This probably doesn't sound all that bad. However the majority involves lots of people who won't want to be mentioned, so I won't go into details. I have removed him from at least three groups and know of other admins have removed him from their groups also. He is toxic! So be warned, he will shit on you the first chance he gets,  please treat this individual with due care and attention.

russel simpson.jpg

If you wish to know more, either from myself or speak to others, please contact me, I can put you in touch with many of his fans!

If you have further stories to add to his list of archievments, please let me know also and I will keep this upto date.

24/10/2019 - I should have known it wouldn't be long until I had to update this... a friend of mine just had message of the delightful Mr Simpson... see the photo below.


Now, you'll see here that things contradict themselves rather quickly. However, firsty I'm not sure if his typing or grammar but I did not start as a bottle collector! He might be talking about himself starting as a bottle collector, but then even if he did, he told others that he "has ALWAYS been interested in militaria". So either way, there are more lies here.

Now, we go down to the 'digger'. This is the reason that Russel tells people that I don't like him, as stated above. However, this is his reason 'I can't stand him is because HE dug one of my sites with a digger'. However that is complete fiction! Now he is bending the story massivly, so much so that it now makes no sense at all; as it wasn't him, or his friends, but his friends Dad that dug the site!... so please, can anyone explain using his logic why I don't like him?

Lets not even start with this reasoning that he can dig where ever he likes because some people he knows told him he can... not that I really believe that either. 

--- more interesting information just in! In the above message, he inplies that he got the 'bug' for militaria when out with us, as after all he only claimed to be a bottle digger... however check this message out I got from someone who also feel foul of his antics.

"he posted a picture of a US dog tag he found on a bottle digging group and he told me he had been digging military sites for over 30 years when I first met him so at first I thought he must know a lot of stuff then! Turns out I see his post on the bottle digging group and he clearly states he doesn’t know much about military stuff it’s not his thing and he’s only been digging for war relics a couple of years now! I commented saying I thought you had been digging for years mate😂 and he pm’d me saying please remove your comment mate"

On top of this, he is also telling his new 'friends' to message other relic hunters with abuse. These other relic hunters used to dig with him, but after realising what a low life he is soon dropped him like a sack of sh1t and now want nothing more to do with him. As I openely said to them, ignore him, ignore his 'friends' he'll never be what you are or get to do the things you might get to do. We'll certainly never invite him anywhere, not to the dog-tag site he so desperatly wants to dig, not to any of our USAAF bases and sure as hell never to another country. For some reason, when he saw the work we were doing in Croatia helping the guys who do the work for the German War Graves Commision, he told us that he should have been invited for hes....... wait for it...... an archeologist! Not a chance in hell.

YUP.... here we go 25/10/2019 - 'he' has clearly seen the website, not that it bothers me in the slightest for others I have written about have seen the website and unlike 'this' person have simply accepted it and got on with their lives... However as predicted, I just got a message from him through EBay of all places! A clearly proffesional way to contact me with advice from a solicitor... apparently. More on why I don't believe he has sought legal adive from a solicitor shortly... here is the message I recieved a few moments ago.

russ ebay.jpg

I my entire website is full of grammar and spelling errors, usually as I'm writing as fast as I can to get everything done as quickly as I can. However, when messaging someone who I would want to take me seriously, I would at least make sure it wasn't full of the most basic errors... Like my name with a lower case 'd'... really...

Firstly, why EBay? there is a button on the website called CONTACT, this only goes to me, if his solicitor wanted to contact me, why no use that. Why exactly would he want my address, unless he personally plans visiting me and that is not going to end well. I would like to post this here and now. The person this page is about Mr Russell Simpson is not allowed to enter any of the property, properties, driveways and land that is owned or co-owned by myself at any and all time. This is a notice denying any and all rights of access. His solictors "if they exist at all' can contact me through the website.

Now for his allegations. Slander is only slander if it isn't true. Everything I have posted on this website is true to best of my knowledge, although some of these facts were told to me via other persons, I have no reasons to question the intergreity of their actions. As for defomation of Character, well that is one of those joke things people always say, but is nearly impossible to prove in a court of law, even when true. However, just like Slander, it is only a crime if it's not true. As previsously stated above, everything above, unlike the rubbish that 'he' talks about, this is all true to the best of my knowledge. 

Now lets just imagine for a second that he has a solicitor and one day he afford to take this all the way to a court, and then convinced them to find me guilty of those charges. I would be told to pay a fine and take down all the information about him. I would only them go and post the exact same information minus his name and call him something like Grussel Dimpson... if he ever decided to pay another fortune and drag it to court again then convinved them that I was guilty again, I would take it down. Then later repost all the information and state at the bottom of the page that all the information above is a complete work of fiction and that any connection to real persons or events is pure coincidence... imagine trying to take someone to court who openly tells you that everything written isn't about you and that he has made it all up... Good luck with that. Of course that whole paragraph is only a few options of how this could all play out. I'm not saying I will, or won't do anything... these are just options. 

Also his expert solicitor also doesn't seem to have a grasp on basic terms - 

"Defamation of character" is a catch-all term for any statement that hurts someone's reputation. Written defamation is called "libel," while spoken defamation is called "slander." ... 


As I didn't speak the above text, clearly this isn't slander, but would be libel if it were false... reporting the truth however is not a crime... just imagine what a newspaper would look like if it were!

Since the word of our Hero is spreding fast I'm getting some amusing messages...

I have just read your write up and it’s brilliant. He’s trying to get information from a friend of mine in ***** about sites he knows about. I warned him a while ago about him and luckily hasn’t fallen for the Russel trap.

I fully agree with you the man sent me messages telling me that he was going to find a way to bring my group down and make sure that everyone knows i am full of shit. I sent a message back to him and said " are you so scared of people finding out you are really a nighthawk. He is now blocked "me happy days".

Just keep him well away from sites,and ignore, never met him but appreciate the heads up.trouble is one bad apple can spoil it for the rest.

I’m so glad you put the website up, that’s what has pissed him off. Now everyone knows his face and his name, that’s brilliant

Hello mate how you doing ? What’s Russel done to you ? He’s scammed a lot of people down our way into giving up there precious permissions then he goes back and raids them and ruins it for everyone.

sounds a bit of a weirdo to me,this hobby certainly doesn't need people like him.keep up the good work chaps great site glad i joined

He was begging me for site information a while ago so I got google maps up and randomly marked some places miles into woodland etc sent him that and hopefully wasted days of his life checking them out.

Russell told me many things but obviously they were all bullshit

This seems to be getting more and more exciting each day... well his current two victims clearly haven't worked him out yet. I'm certain he will have told a whole web of lies that make him the innocent party and that we are all just out to get him for no reason what so ever. Even some of the things they say ring alarm bells. They also are happy to make physical threats in groups on Facebook. Which just keeps on giving my more content to post on here... what makes better news... happpy smile good will pieces involving saints.... or grimy dirt smut involvoing people on the other end of the scale. Here is todays amusing thread on a bottle digging forum on Facebook. This was in response to Phil sharing the link to this page.... 

gaz 1.jpg



gaz 2.jpg


gaz 3.jpg


gaz 4.jpg


gaz 5.jpg


gaz 6.jpg

For now that threaad has gone quiet, despite Gazz and his brother objecting to what was written, the rest of the comments were in support of letting the world  know about people who are bad for the hobby. At the same time, unknown to me I had this message in my 'other' facebook Inbox....

gaz 7.jpg

Clearly, there is not talking to these guys in a civil manner. The most amusing thing for me is that they call people kids, childish, shout, swear, call people names, but when you try and talk to them in a civil manner they don't seem to know what to do and reply with things like the above. I am always happy to have a conversation and try and understand why they want this all taken down so badly... but they wont talk about it which I find odd.  Why is he so desperate for us to take everything down that until now, didn't mention anyone but Russell? I do find that very odd. I'm sure there will be more soon enough.


I honestly thought that all this would have been done and dusted by now, but someone really has his back out aganist everyone letting the world know what sort of bloke he is. People have been sharing this page on all sorts of F/B groups and lots of them have gone with the simple approach of 'get rid' and hes been given the heft iron boot. Who can blame them?

Today started with a bit of a surprise though... even for this guy! I had a letter sent to me from Jay. It was sent to him by Russell. I think we'll need to go through these one by one... as these full of more amusing lines of BS.

russ 1.jpg

The opening line is interesting and I have no idea what its even reffering to... however I very much doubt that he has ever had 5 weeks away from digging. He is out every chance he gets and who can blame him for that.

Alan and Paul both have both ever said he can go to the site he always brings up. In fact Paul has never dug with him and has had almost no contact, except for calling him a "dirty bastart" via text message at day 1.

As for the speaking out. He was told from day 1, not to go back to that site (all this is nearer the top of the page) and he promised not to go. He went again, I asked him not to go again, he promised once more and after being lied to twice I said enough is enough. Clearly I can't trust him, off my group he goes. So although it wasn't Jay who spoke with him about that issue, someone did. Sadly it was myself. The joys of being an admin on a Facebook group/page.


russ 2.jpg

I don't think any of us have really even known Russell long enough to call him a friend. I have heard everyone that I spoke to call him many things, but never a friend. 

Interesting he says that he is not to blame? What does he think we are blaming him for? He lied, no getting around that. Of course we can't stop him digging anywhere, he has as much right as we do. However the issue still is that Jay brought him into the fold and trusted him with the agreement that he doesn't go on his own or with anyone else but us. He didn't do that. He lied... and we are back to the biggest issue again. Not the going to the sites, but the underhanded dirty backstabbing style at which he gains access to the knowledge of these sites.


As for Paul taking Russell to another site, well frankly that is possibly ever stretching his lies too far. To say Paul dislikes Russell would by an means be an understatement. Paul will not tolerate Russell (like many others) for a second. He knows he lies, he knows he plays games and right from day 1 hes had absolutely no time for him. To now suggest that Paul is showing him sites to dig, amazing! 

I have just contacted Rob as I haven't had many conversations with Rob about Russell, however he was very clear about his side of things...

rob russ.jpg

So that was fairly conclusive! Rob hasn't shown Russell any more sites either... another lie! I also included the last comment about Paul that Rob made as it was interesting in which it shows the level of trust people have in Paul because he is an honest trustworth bloke. A little too on edge purhaps, but still a nice bloke.

russ 3.jpg

When he says he doesn't just dig down there he is refering to the sites next to Paul. However, hes only saying that in continuation from his last lies about Paul and Rob showing him other sites too dig... which they didn't... so are we to take from those lies that he has no other place to dig.  Possibly?

How long you have been doing this hobby is almost irrelevent, except for the fact that in those 30 you haven't learnt the basics of how to treat follow diggers and collectors decently. 

A really gem coming up now.... are you ready for this....
"I will continue digging with Paul and Alan as we get along so well" O H    M Y     G O D ! ! ! To actually say that in writing. Paul has never once dig with Russell and hates being in the same county as him, let alone go out together and relic hunt. Again, Alan does not meet up with him either, but he is more tollerant of his BS than most, although he doesn't believe a word of it. So for "getting along so well", I don't even think I need to explain why that is a load of shite!

Although this is almost 100% garbage, Alan could have suggested him block Jay... to avoid all the bitching that was going on, and as Alan still talks to Russell he didn't want to listen to it. 

I didn't even know he was posting up his finds?

russ 4.jpg

"We are all in the hobby to gain a nice collection", no, that is one of the things you benefit from this hobby. That is in no way the sole reason for lots of us. Returning items to veterans and familes, researching the history behind the items, donating items to museums, recovering soldiers killed during the wars, correcting mistakes in the past like having soldiers names put on war memorials that were missed off! THAT IS AS IMPORTANT to putting a few things in a cabinet at home. If not more so! Mind you, when you think that its OK to get drunk at the Menin Gate during the ceremony and telling the organisers* where he wanted to stop to get photos in the middle of the last post... his veiws of the world and what is right or wrong are vastly different from mine.

* the organisers rightly told him 'where to go'

I have no problem with anyone selling any items on EBay. As long as this isn't breaking any agreement first put in place for any reason.

"I have done nothing wrong"... Except being a compulsive liar and repeatedly going behind everyones backs... except that and anything else we don't know about... yes, you've done nothing wrong!

For some reason, I can't see Jay talking him up on his offer to enjoy a dig and chat or swapping bottles...

russ 5.jpg

Thanks Jay, for sending me that letter, made my day and just adds to fact he can't open his mouth.... or even put pen to paper without lying. I don't know if there is a deep seated issue, possibly something wrong with him, but to lie like that and not care that your lies will be exposed every single time two people talk is a little odd. Any way, this has gone on long enough this morning.