The more memorable finds...

German Tank Battle Badge

A tank battle badge found on a PoW camp in Oxfordshire. The swastika has been filed flat so as to delete any connection with the NSDAP. This day it rained. No ordinary rain, it was heavy, it made the mud sticky like clay and the site was bare... this badge was my only find and still I wasn't really that happy. We have found quite a few German badges and medals over the years now.  I absolutley love finding these! Hoping to get some more on a future trip to Latvia. Fingers crossed.

'the button hoard'

The ERH team discovers its first hoard on an RAF base some years ago now. Not a horde of roman coins. Buttons! Hundreds and hundreds of buttons. A mixture of bakerlite and brass, including thimbles and even post war dogtags and a 1944 patt jungle waterbottle. We had so many finds from this one hole that it took four of us just to carry it all back to the side of the road. We sat and divided it all into four equal piles, making sure each member got an equal amount of every variety of button.

Dogtags and personal items

Over the years we have found a few various dogtags. Some being almost completely untraceable and revealing nothing about the owner, other revealing fantastic stories of bravery and sacrifice. Occasionally we get the honour of returning a dogtag back to its family. This happened to one of the groups admins not so long ago. In return he was sent photos and has made some good friends with the family in America.

German coin hoard

The second hoard the ERH team were to come across was on a PoW camp that we love to visit. We have had some awesome finds over the years from this site and on this day it was no different. I was called over to a hole were one of the other admins was digging and he had handfuls of coins and said his famous line "they're everywhere!". Sure enough in this hole we could make out plenty more. So three of us sat around a small hole with pin pointers picking out individual coins all from pre-1945 and either Germany or its captured territories.

Even after all the many finds, soldiers stories and items returned back to families, Frank Jarrett is still the one where it all really started and took me on a crazy and unexpected adventure to put right a 100 year old mistake.
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Everyone dreams about finding items relating to war heros, however nobody ever expects to find anything... in fact even when I did, I didn't actually believe it, it wasn't until I started a group chat with several other trusted relic hunters and told them just to look up the soldier using the details that were on the item and they got the same results was I certain that this soldier had won a Victoria Cross... not only that, but he won it at Vimy Ridge! Canada's soldiers most famous battle from World War 1.
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