Platoon Leader

This sections covers the combat equipment and weapons for this role. It doesn't mention things like uniform as every trooper had the same basic uniform. So if portraying the above position you should have the following items :-

Official the platoon leader recieved the one and only M1 Carbine in a standard infantry platoon. However seeing as we are portraying an airborne unit, it is fairly safe to assume that the platoon leader would have either chosen an M1A1 Carbine or a M1 Garand. Niether of which changes his load out.

M1 Garand or M1A1 Carbine

M3 Knife

2 or 3 small rigger pouches

1x M1936 Dispatch/Map Case 

M1936 Pistol Belt

M1936 Suspenders

Musette Bag

First Aid Pouch and Tin

M1910 or M1942 Canteen Cover / Bottle / Cup

Compass Pouch

2 or 3 small rigger pouches

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