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Now I know this website is all about militaria and relic hunting... however, it has also started to highlight the wankers of the hobby for what they really are. Once they deserve a place on the website, they are nto coming off. My tolerance for thug like idiots is fairly low, I have ignored this wanna-be-gangster-thug for about 4 years. Sadly he likes to infect our life as much as he can, I can only assume because he has nothing actually to do on a day-to-day basis other than bitch, wine and attempt to troll people on some of the poorly run groups on F/B. Check out Stansted Matters group, run like a fascist state under a dictator; its bound to make you laugh, good if you ever get bored! Just don't take one word of it seriously.


Now, Pete as a person is totally unknown to me, I don't know a damn thing about him and he doesn't know a damn thing about me. Other than he decided from the first moment we moved in that he hated me. He opened told people that and it was fed back to me. Calling me all sorts of unimaginative names that you'd hear on a play ground in secondary school.' Bell End' being one of his all time classics. This all started about 4 years ago when we first moved here, the house and out buildings were rammed full of wood, cardboard and on top of that the garden was a jungle and the best way to get rid of all this was to burn the lot on a bonefire. So it was piled up, burn't. There was so much that it burnt fast and was almost down to ash when a chap from the council turned up. I wondered over and ask him what he wanted. He had been told by Pete that the bonfire had been burning over 24 hours. I pointed out the obivous and he knew he had been told lies, he saidd it was all fine. We had a chat about Stansted and the 'sorts' of people that phone them and he left. A few days later, after more work clearing the land we had to have another fire. Guess who rocks up again, he even walked over smiling, he said if I get a call I have to come. This time there really was nothing left, it had all burnt to nothing. I don't need to make you guess who call them again. Just in case your wondering, Pete isn't our neighbour, he lives across the other side of a street, up a large grass bank, across a small clearing and then you'll get to his house which he can't sell. I'm sure that is my fault too!

It wasn't long after that, back on Pete's playgroup; a post appeared on Stansted Matters asking

"Is there anything we can do about that arsehole who rides his motorbike on the footpath"

I simply replied, "not when its his land you can't!". The land is mine, the fact a footpath runs through it isn't important when the land belongs to us. Of course that wasn't good enough for Pete, he starts linking all the rules and regulations that govern the usuage of pulbic footpaths. Knowing full well that in that this case not a single one is relevent, but he has to try and cause trouble does our little Pete. So I point out that these are irrelevent in this case, his back all gets bent out of shape and out come the claws and he starts to turn it round on me tying things like "I never said it  was relevent",  then playing like he's not out to troll "I'm just linking the law" blah blah blah... sadly I think most can't see through his little games. As you'll all know by now, I type matter of fact, if you act like a twat and I say that you acted like a twat, don't be surprised. I have no time for emotion in what I write. The thread went on and on pointlessly, the original poster edited 'arsehole' to 'person' as once they realised that nothing could be done they saw the error in name-calling.

Because Stansted is little like the-lawless west, most of the locals being self entitled snobs; who seem to be under the impression that they can do what ever they want when ever they please. Including breaking into our outbuildings, smashing our windows, tresspassing anywhere they like, leaving dogshit and rubbish everywhere. Just to name a few of the pleasure of living round here; because of these we decided to put up some more secure fences to stop people going where they shouldn't. However, because its Stansted and the yocals can do what ever they please, the fences were pulled down. Someone one day mentioned something on Stansted Matters (S/M), Pete of course jumped on the thread as he does all threads. About why fences were going up near footpaths and how dare I block access to fields were they all tresspass. Then the stupid comments start "how was I to know its private land?". What can you say to stupidity like that, these people know where the footpath run, but then think everything else is also public land... the mind boogles, they had a huge thing about "there are no signs to say its private!". I'm sure Pete too jumped on this band wagon at the time. So signs were put up all other the place. However, a few days later they were all gone, pulled down, destroyed and thrown in bushes. Needless to say I have my suspicions on who did the majority

of this. Despite on S/M he shouting and screaming about "I don't want to walk on your shitty land anyway" he uses it every single day to walk Betty.

The footpath was muddy and wet one winter, he was complaining again to someone about it, they told him, why not ask me to do something about it. Instead of speaking to me, he said "well he won't fucking do anything, will he!". Although in fairness you don't really help people who try and shit on you ever single chance they get.

He has reported us to the council for bonfires, windows, parking, footpaths... you name it, every chance he gets, our local hero will do his best to try 

My neighbours use our land a lot, they have no reason not to, I said you can use it when ever and for what ever you like. They even told me they would like to buy the big field from us and to quote the message I got "I would turn it into a motorcross track". As him and both his lads ride dirtbikes. We've had some good days pratting about on bikes. Of course this is another hatred of Pete's and gives him more ammo to spit about He likes to always put a negative insluting spin on anything he says. Like "I don't want to walk on your SHITTY land", he could have just said land, but no, that doesn't have intended insult behind it. He was talking to some one in Stansted and was slagging me off as usual; he was on or by his motorbike, I think he has a chopper of sime kind and he said something along the lines of "Yeah, this bikes much better than his shitty little bike". Amazing that one person can have so much hatred over someone they have never even spoken to...

We applied to convert an old stable block into houses to pay off an inheritatance tax bill that we have to pay. This would have solve the problem, however... despite already a few issues like the land surroundeding it being green belt, there is an existing building. Who was one of the first to object, you guessed it. Of course he is completley entitled too and I don't honestly have a problem with it. His actions to everything are so predictable, if you post anything onine, you know that as soon as he see's it, it'll be an opportunity to troll and slag people off all over again. Also, the bulk of his objection was tosh anyway. Talking about asbestos laying about now, which would have been dealt with if the planning had actually gone ahead. Of course he wasn't the only person to complain and again, everyone has a right too.

This sort of thing continued for the past 4 years... the only time Pete actually spoke to me in person was around 3 years ago. I was clearing brambles, branches, nettles and he shouted from the footpath "Ear Dan, yaa know wat yo wana do wid tha lot, put it in dat gap, dat'll stop dem people goin froo". It's hard to type the gruntish way he spoke to me that day,  but I think that captures it well.

So after 4 years, why now?

Well, recently a couple of lads asked if they could ride (motocross) on my land, they said they would clear access, improve and fix the gates that are there, install a new one, put up a fence and sort out the paths and make the place a lot better. Of course, I agreed. For what ever they do, will be an improvement to what it is now. Now, the only problem with that is, that you can't do a shit in Stansted without someone knowing about it. Word spreads, the gossips get to work and then a post goes up... good old Stansted Matters again! 

So apparantly it seems like it is going to be a huge public motocross track... at least that's what the locals think. In reality its for two people on odd occasions! The amusing comment at the bottom is probably refering to my neighbours kids, who are some of the only people that ARE allow to use it, but the locals consider them 'a bloody nuisance'. There is another comment, but as I already have this person blocked and I couldn't be bothered to screen shot it from my wifes computer I will just have to tell you. The grandmother of the lads who are allowed to use it is also complaining, because of the noise of this... yet, if her grandchildren race their bikes about on it, that's OK? Double standards much??? I was tempted to put something on this ludicrous thread, but I knew our hero would jump all over it. However, my wife couldn't resist, knowing full well that he would bite!

and in true PJ style, the personal attacks start instantly and so do the name calling. Lets look at the amusing windows comment. We live in a Tudor farm house, he lives in a low qulaity new build that has a lower grade of PVC windows that we do...but ours are 'tacky', again, he has to try and put those insulting adjectives in there.

The next part is frankly laughable, as is most things he spouts. 'Illegal airport parking rackets', I have a few spaces listed on those 'rent my drive way' website, where people can park. However, because its me doing it, its clearly illegal and HUGE deal that needs to be shouted about. Again, nothing to do with him what-so-ever. He then goes on to speculate that I am only building (this non existant) motocross track in repsonse to our planning permission not going through. As if I'm that petty and even if I was... lets look at the comment the neighbours made early in "if I buy the land, I would build a motocross track". Again, OK for everyone else... not OK for us. To the top of it we go to more childish attempts at insults. Classless? I have never pretended to be royalty! Although this is rich coming from him. Ignorant... wow, just look at his actions and the way he acts online, says who is really the ignorant one here... and the icing on the cake, the classic Pee Jarhead "bellends". Legend. Then to try and claim that non of this is his comments, that he is asking for a friend. Totally unbelievable... as if he has friends. 

I did click reply, in my usual style I said exactly what I thought... clicked post... then though, I'm not plaiyng his childish keyboard warrior style games on a F/B group; esspecially one that is just an insult to most peoples intelligence. So I deleted my comment and thought to myself.... I know what I will do instead and here we are. Like all these threads about the loveliest people in the world, this can be upated for ever more... I'm sure he wont' let us down.

When we do move from this awful place... you can bet your arse I will have the last laugh. I won't sell the drive way, I won't sell the land, I won't sell the yard... just the house... those little bits will be my play things. Just so that I know, I can then intentionnal wind these two faced, double standard, snitchy people up from miles away. They all seem to think that I do things just to wind them up, upset them and to quote one person "make my life unbareable". It'll be interesting to see the comments when I do actually go out of my way to let people do what ever they want on our land and invite everyone with a dirtbike, tank, rifle, quad bike, drone and anything else to use at their will. I get enquires all the time from people wanting to hold parties on the land, I always decline these as the direct neighbours wouldn't like the noise! Oh I will have so much fun one day. You think I'm a horrible c*nt now, you wait until I give the world free reign to do what ever they like.

Of course, it doesn't end there... Jamie our neighbours lad asking about this newly opening motocross track! I explain again that there is no track opening and that he is free to continue using our field to ride on. Of course the 'man' himself has to chip in, even though once again it has nothing at all to do with him. He oddly now seems to have an issue with us allowing cars to park on our driveway. Claiming its illegal to let people park. That was my only reply to his stupid comment, to  which he has no reply... mainly as he probably knows himself that he is talking out of his arse. This illegal airport parking venture that he speaks of is the few spaces that we have listed on a website called "your parking". ( I'm sure that most people understand; that renting out a driveway or some space to allow cars to park is in fact not illegal. I honestly feel sorry for some people.

One of most amusing things; is that online he is always this attacking agressive force, yet out in the real world he has tried his best to have a civlized conversation with my wife. Then online he turns into the same ol' agressive self, trying to wind people up. I'm not sure if it's an intentional attempt at trolling, or if it is just an almost neandertholic type of behavoir; a cry of attention or if he actually gets genuinly upset by things that have nothing to do with him. If its the latter, then its rather sad! Or if its nothing more that just an attempt at stamping and screaming in a childish attempt to get a point across, which is usually laughed at and simply ignored.

I'm sure this will be far from the end of this... so until next time...

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