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Personal Impression

This is where your reenacting character comes to fruition, after you have all of your basic load out of uniform, weapon and combat gear you can start adding items to make you less of just a manikin and more of a World War 2 Paratrooper with an identity and a background story. 

Identity discs (dog-tags)

The easiest and one of the more inportant items to start with has to be a set of identity tags, stamped up with your details in the correct method. These can be gotten from a whole range of places, and dependant how fussy you are, can even be got from Soldier of Fortune. The tags are not as correct as like too say they are, but it's close enough. There are some much better companies however, I use one in Beligium, he stamps them up and the tags are spot on in every details to the original WW2 tags, unlike almost every other company.

I'm working as fast as I can!