Parachute T5 Quick Release 

Where to purchase a T5

So you want to add a T5 Parachute into your impression; and why not! After all, what good is a paratrooper without a parachute? Well, this comes as both good and bad news.

What some people think are the best replicas come from a company called the Rigger Depot and these are pretty spot on reproductions! Now for the bad news... for a T5 Normandy T5 they will charge you $995! That is also just the T5... if you want the reserve chute pack then add another $295! They also offer things to fill the packs... I didn't look at how much! As this is already far too much for 99.9% of all re-enactors. They may look good, but the price is frankly a little ridiculous. 

Next comes the reproduction made my Jump-master44, very good copies, with only a few little things that can be noticed if you know what to look for. However, for most, you simply wouldn't be aware and some things can be easily changed. The price isn't listed on his website, but from what I remember I think these are around the £500-600 mark.

Another good option is to purchase the ones from Quartermaster Inspector, these again are fairly good. Priced at 499 Euros. Of course, like all of these, these prices are without postage. This company being in Belgium, which is probably one of the closest to the UK.

One of the cheapest reproduction T5s are the ones made in China... I know what your already thinking :) me too!  However, when the entire T5 system, with tray, harness, reserve chute is cheaper that a reserve pack from Rigger Depot, it has to be an option to be considered. Of course, it may require, so tinkering with, to get it looking good. I have no idea. However, the photos I have seen don't look too bad as a starting point!


The above system can be purchased form EBay for around £210 and that even including the shipping fro China to the UK!