What a nice change this will make... actually writing something nice about and 100% positive about a dealer. I have known Nathan from when he first joined the ERH Facebook group and sadly I have never purchased anything from him. He mainly deals in post war ordnance and items which don't float my own strange collecting boat. So I have had to ask others for information about what its like to deal with Nathan. Unlike most sellers who you head good and bad about, I have only ever heard good things about him. Hence my desire to put up a well deserved flag highlighting this... if anyone will ever see page of poorly written gibberish is of course still to be seen!

Although  I have never purchased from Nathan, I have had many conversations over the years and he is alays a pleasure to chat with, he also has pointed me in the dirrection of other dealers when I have been looking for something specific. Like most collectors and dealers (including myself) is a little ecsentric, but I personally consider that a plus. Who wants to deal with one of the boring, stuffy old school style dealers like Stephen Wheeler who barely gives you a word unless he knows you'll hand over piles of money.  

While I wait for people to write me some comments on Nathan, I thought I would also let you know that he has a youtube channel, albeit a collective mixture of all sorts, however there are some ordnance related bits on there too, like this one below.

When you ask for comments on a company/dealer/seller/trader and you get 99% good or 99% bad, this speaks volumes. Nathan has so far only glowing comments from all I have ever spoken with. So when 'other' sellers try and tell you that all the bad reviews they get are fake and only exist to slander them, take that as a HUGE warning that actually the chances are they are a POS and that it's best to avoid them... at least, avoid them unless they can hand the item over to you in person and not give you stories, instead of the items you purchased... with the power of online media, asking a few people what they think of a dealer is now so easy that getting ripped off by the low lifes should be getting less and less frequesnt, but it seems not many actually look into a dealers history before forking over their hard earned cash. It doesn't take two seconds to Google someone, or even ask on a F/B group for peoples thoughts.

OK, I think you get the point, more and more reviews are coming in, but unless we ever get a bad one, I won't post any more. You get the point, top notch seller, no bullshit, amusing chap who you can also have a laugh with. Also, thanks yo Harry for passing the word about and getting people to do some reviews as I knew that he knew lots of Nathans customers as he has does odd jobs or Nathan. Cheers Harry!

This is only a small part of what we do, a website is simply too small to handle everything. Facebook is where we started, nothing will ever beat its simplicity, powers of communication and ability to share photos, videos and knowledge, "come join us there too".

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