Fantastic content to learn about how Third Riech badges/awards/medals are made, how to spot the fakes, where to avoid shopping and much much more.

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Just a few examples of the nonsense that goes on in the hobby of collecting Third Reich relics.

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Exposing a fake $400.- NAZI medal...

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More nonsense...

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This video is a few years old, it was the most watched video on my YouTube channel - before I was banned for "Hate Speech". Don`t fall prey to the NAZI SH*T PAPER SCAM, this video exposes this fantasy product, and those selling and promo...

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For a great book on Eastern Front Medals / Frozen Meat Medals or what ever else you want to call those, have a look at Sascha Webers book. Fantastically detailed book on these. 

THIS EPISODE: Exposing a cast fake Ostfront Medaille using 2D and 3D microscopes.

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Exposing a fake American-Nazi bund stickpin. This video is a few years old, but still worth seeing. Stop wasting money on this complete fantasy stickpin. It looks nothing like the original.

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Looking at the Blood Order.

Do not buy a Mussert Cross, want to know why?

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If you have wasted your money on one of these trinkets, have a look at this! I'm so pleased that I have always been sceptical of these and never wanted to purchased one. Mussert Cross to be avoided like the plague, anyone who tells you these were awarded for any reason at all is talking out thier arse! Simply inventing there own versions of histoy. NOBODY knows what these were to be issued for, this is printed in wartime papers and anyone who tells you differnet is talking crap. Sadly, like lots of things, one person tells someone what this is and was awarded for, then that person regergates that crap and on it goes. Until this becomes known amongst most collectors! Sad isn't it... now these are heavily faked too. Warning to all... if you purchased one of these and you got it from a dealer who gave you any form a guarantee, get you money back ASAP!!!

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Have a Google and just see how many of these RARE awards there are to buy.... ask your self why there are so many out there to pick from. The quality of these are terrible! Sadly the prices these are selling for is mental! £450 and upwards! What is wrong with people... the information is out there for you not to be coned, ripped off and cheated. Learn... then buy... LEARN FIRST!!!!!

Witmann doing his best again... lying...

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Revisiting the Edelweiß FANTASY crap paper, that we exposed as such under the microscope... again proving what sort of dealer Witmann really is...

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A genuine 1944-produced die-cast German "General Assault Award". Examining what a period, correctly die-engraved and machine-cast Award looks like under the microscope. And having a few beers and giggles as we go, of course.

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Why is this HJ Gausieger 1944 a fake?

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I did enjoy this video.... even more so as it mentions Steve Taylors dodgy mate Craig Gottleib. Reveals more of his bullshittery.

What do you do if your fakes are shit?... Why noy pretend they are something unsual! Like French!!!

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Clearing up the supposed "Bacqueville" French-made NAZI Awards, and exposing them for what they are. Poorly cast post-war rubbish.
Although these awards feature in many post-war collectors books as genuine and have grand fables attached to them, they cannot be pre-1945 correctly produced items, and clearly originate from a forgers workshop.

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Clearing up the supposed "Bacqueville" French-made NAZI Awards, and exposing them for what they are. Poorly cast post-war rubbish.
Although these awards feature in many post-war collectors’ books as genuine and have grand fables attached ...

If you have added any of these so called French made German badges into your collections, be aware they are almost certainly faked crap. If you can, get your money back.

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Examining a strange, supposedly solid silver NSDAP eagle stickpin, marked Lauer, 800 Silber. Some poor Sod paid £875.- for this cast fake. Exposed under the microscope as a cast fake, along with the usual micro Jo humor you have all come to know and love.

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Exposing the FANTASY 1936 OLYMPIC Enamel Badge “Ich Rufe Die Jugend Der Welt” as a cast piece of modern-made crap. Although you can find this selling on many Third Reich dealers websites as genuine, it is not. Using only the single zoom (2D) inspection microscope, as well as the usual Swiss-Cape Town humor, and fancy moving graphics, of course!
DO NOT BUY THESE, THEY ARE WORTHLESS CAST PIECES OF RUBISH, and have nothing to do with Nazi Germany or the 1936 Olympics.

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EXPOSING another cast fake. Revisiting a subject, I exposed seven years ago already, using the microscope, hosting the examination on the Hitler Youth Research Forum in 2012. But, as the video will show you, these fakes are still being sold as original to this day, and commanding prices upwards of €2000 ! This is a two-part series of 2 x 30-minute videos. Part one deals with the background information as well as a microscopic examination. Part II deals only with a more detailed look at the fake. I was given permission to destroy it for the video, which I do in the second part.

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 Examining three GENUINE items. A Knights Cross of the Iron Cross, a Knights Cross of the War Merit Cross and a normal Iron Cross. All in miniature, and all genuine. Makes a change from the multitude of fake crap we expose on this channel. Also the debut of: “The Glove From Above”

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The TRUTH about the FANTASY Hitler Youth 1935 Reichsparteitag Nürnberg knife. A fantasy item that has nothing to do with the Third Reich, yet is touted as such and sold for thousands of dollars by the same few individuals.

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Part II of the HA-marked Hitlerjugend Ausländer Awards - Exposing an expensive cast fake.

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The TRUTH about the FANTASY Hitler Youth Camping Axe. Starring the usual people.

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 Exposing a cast fake Social Welfare Decoration III Class. And of course, having a few giggles along the way. BEWARE, there are plenty of these fake awards being sold right now as genuine for up to $400 each.