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Oh what a joyful day today is in the world of the 101st....

So, as always my guys like to help others improve what they are doing and help them to correct mistakes so often done. Today, was a photos of a Captain (of course, all the farbiest of farbs are always Captain and Sgts) and he is proudly leaning on what looks like a 1960s car.

This photos was sent to me in the groups Watsapp chat. I couldn't help but smile. First off that nothing makes sense. Stateside garrison cap, but in reinforced M42s... stateside caps only being worn in the US... but the reinforcing took place in England prior to the jump. 

Someone literally took the shirt from his back... another one of those sorts of re-enactors.


 As we actually have no idea what time period this is supposed to be, because nothing make sense, we can over look the empty pockets, no M2 knife, no regimental unit markings of any kind.

What started this thread was the invasion flag. Anyone who has ever looked at any photos of the US paratroopers in Normandy will notice that it is only the 82nd who wore that flag. The 101st didn't wear it... why, god only knows! There are far too many questions to ask about all the weird and wonderful things that individual units did all the way from divisional to regimental; to which there is probably no real rhyme or reason.

Sam pointed out the the flag should be worn with a 101st M42... then all hell broke loose. Instead of either saying he didn't know that, or asking for more information, this child jumped on a defensive backfoot and mounted his figurative high horse and charged head on. Making himself look like a prize twat. He ignored all facts, and instead gave evidence in the form of a child's toy that has the very same sort of invasion flag on it. That toy also has other errors on it, like the PFC stripes he wears...

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If there was ever a quote to summarise a farb-ism at ist best, its is those guys who say that they are that 1 guy in the photo of that one soldier wearing flip-flops, carrying an MG42 and have a panzerfaust sticking out the back pack whilst riding a captured donkey. Just because one or a minor percentage do it a weird oddball way, doesn't mean that this should be done. It just means you not taking anything seriously and are just playing dress up.

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When doing something wrong, its best not to tell people you've been doing it wrong for 12 years! In 12 years, no research has been done, no decent books have been looked at, no decent re-enactors have been spoken with or asked for advice... how embarrassing. As John points out, be wrong... just admit you're being wrong. That is the Farb way.

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Interesting that he says "prove it", with all the photographs that Sam showed him later, he then states that he will wear it regardless! Nothing anyone will say will change his mind, he want to believe the flag should be there, and be there it will be! Be damn the facts, the evidence and the truth. I want to wear a pretty little flag too... actually its a horrible representation of the flag anyway. 

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Interesting that to justify his point, he keeps up with the insults... or attempted insults. Calling guys 'poms' to hammer home that he is 'right'. Then blaming the manufacture for him purchasing a cheap crap and incorrect uniform. How is leaning on a post war car, posing as an officer in incorrect gear honouring anyone... that is a ego boost and nothing more. If you want to honour anyone, you'd be a private. In correct uniform, with out the farby bullshit, CC2 uniform that makes you sweat buckets, adds weight, with a correct set of webbing loaded correctly, helmet and then you might be able appreciate the smallest fraction of what these guys had to endure for real... you honour nobody by playing dressing up like that and you're using it as a piss poor excuse, for a piss poor impression.

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As we've always said this hobby is for all... if you want to dress up and walk about in wrong kit, fine. But don't lie and try and justify it being wrong, just say "you know" or you want it that way, or what ever. You can't change history and people won't be shouted down or insulted into silence simply when you are wrong.

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Again, its all attack attack attack... If it wasn't constructive criticism what was it? Nobody had a go at him for getting it wrong, it was just pointed out. He could have said "oh right, I didn't know, I will take it off" and they whole thing would have been dealt with.... but no.... insulting people and argueing is much more fun. Although, again, its free content for the website and shows what people are also in the hobby. The ones who purposely do not want to get it right.

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I can't really comment on Sam's points he raised there. He purchased a cheap incorrect jacket and instead of taking the flag off, he left it on.

There is no excuse for the incorrect garrison cap, he probably has no idea why it is wrong.

Also, no shirt... why... what's this issue with people not buying shirts!??!

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There will be no telling him though... no matter how many people try and help guide him to knowledge... knowledge is for stupid people...

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The above goes without saying really... But Harry certainly went and said it! I'm sure this clown will surface from time to time, lets just hope his impression improves... after all, it can't get worse.