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April 2020 ..... Just another day online dealing with dog-tags... until, I got a few messages from people with screen shots of a group that I am not a member of. They are of a screen shot of some of the bulk lots of crappy dog-tags that I have for sale to raise funds for the our dog-tag project. As most followers will now has been in the red since we started and to be honest, will probably still be in the red after we quit! Just the postage alone, I used to send them recorded first class... but glad we knocked that on the head... 450 tags x £3.... ouch, and that's just the postage alone. 

Isaac Marklew Brown Head Up Arse DARK 1.
Isaac Marklew Brown Head Up Arse DARK 2.

So was Isaacs problem, to be honest, I am more confused now after I was with the original post.

He claims he finds this 'dark' and prompts for others to follow suit. However, keeps it as vague as possible as his comment is totally meaningless and without any sort of foundation.

What came next he clearly didn't like, as people who understand the project were already members of this group and responded. Pointing out what the project is about, what the money raised goes towards... however, he was still not happy.

Isaac Marklew Brown Head Up Arse DARK 3.

Good ol' Harry (although I still find it hard to believe that he ever turned 18 and now drives) even posted a link to the website for this tool to do some reading and learn about what the project entails, why we're doing it, what we have accomplished so far and how we are moving forwards...

Well clearly he didn't want to do any learning as the next thing I started getting messages on EBay! 

Its started with the same stupid ignorant sort of comment as the F/B group "this is dark". I replied in my standard sort of way... you've all seen it before. Just like these pages on my favourite people I have the misfortune to deal with. 

twat 2.jpg

Clearly directing him to the website that wouldn't have answered his questions like "how do you know none died" was a waste of time as he didn't go look at the site, or if he did, reading it was either beyond his capabilities or too much like hard work. Although in fairness, with my spelling and typing errors I could understand the latter if that's his excuse! Sadly though the next part is a little dark on his part, stating that they are all dead now. Of course thank god that he is wrong here. We have returned a fair few to the veterans themselves and are like the rest warmly welcomed and treasured. I even had one veteran phone me up and thank me for what we were doing. Until that point it had only been Katey talking to him. So that was not only quiet a surprise, but felt quite an honour to be thanked by one of these heros! 

He then tells me that I should give them away for free. I wonder who he has in mind exactly? As we give them free to veterans, we give them free to families, we have given them free to people who have helped... I didn't reply to this messag. Mainly as I know you can't talk intelligence into stupid. Clearly he doesn't want to learn, this is just a rant and a pathetic trolling attempt. At least I hope that is all it is and that he is not actually delude enough to believe his own dribbling nonsense that spews from his mouth! 

I can assure everyone right now, that there is no way in a million years I would ever sell this guy anything. I don't care if he offers 10 times the amount. Some people I want to keep as far away from this project as possible. Just the sort of person to claim they didn't arrive and try and cheat our project out of both dog-tags and money. He was blocked from buying the second I saw that. The block also stops any further messages, but usually takes a while to catch up. Which gave this tool time to send another message... clearly desperate for a reply which I wasn't going to grant him.


Again, more nonsensical ramblings. I have literally no idea what "You're still making profit from other peoples work is supposed to mean". What work? I dig them, I clean them, I research them the only thing I didn't do was make them or bury them! Although one moronic group online did accuse me of both of those things too. 

The last sentace is the only thing he says that I agree with. Yes, it is my right to sell my own property to peope for £120, or £80 or £50 or what ever price I want... just like every single other person in the world who wants to sell something. I can only assume that EBay block has kicked in as everything went quiet...

Except of course there are always other ways for these internet cockroaches to crawl about and message people. Needless to say they, like the rest of them will just be deleted, blocked, reported as spam, reported as abuse.. the usual. I wonder if this guy can make his thread as long as Russells...

twat again FB.jpg

Now once Isaac had been silenced, at least for now, I had a couple of messages from two of the admins of the group where this chaos happened. Luckily they were quick to subdue it and blocked further commenting early. They said they would unlock it so I could explain all about the project and put him straight, however this wasn't an option as Isaacs was probably sick of people telling him he was wrong as he quickly deleted his original post. So I went to usualy high speed typing (probably full of typos) and put up a post explaining in as much as I could the project and what it was all about. 

Now some of you probably weren't aware that we started selling some of these tags. Don't worry, we never sell all tags to a set, we always keep either a pair or a single tag even where there seems no hope at all we can return them. Like the thousand plus Smith's and Jones that are almost indestinguishable from each other! The bulk lots are almost 99% trash tags, they are in good condition, but are as dull as dish-water, mostly all post war, mostly post 1948. So you may get a lot of tag for your buck, but those tags aren't very exciting! 

Anyway... back to the dark side of returning tags at my own cost ;)

update... June 2020

Well, just when I thought this person was history... this evening I had some messages from Katey, asking about some messages that the project was getting through the F/B page. She luckily managed to miss the crap in April; although the world needs to be warned about trolling loosers that loiter on Facebook groups causing trouble, I don't bother people who have better things to do with thier time with this nonsense... so Katey was confused and I had to update her. However, it all started like this...

Isac 1.jpg
Isac 2.jpg
Isac 3.jpg
Isac 4.jpg
Isac 5.jpg

I did smile at 'someone higher'... what like God? because the way you carry on, he's going to be the only person who can help.

Isac 6.jpg
Isac 7.jpg

It was actually about now that I got to read all this. I did think that actually, maybe this guy is just confused, simple, immature... all of them and possible more. Then he mentions apologising to me and that he guesses he got himself into this situation. Well, nobody else got you here... its all you. However, this'll all be retracted later when he tells us that he is supposed to be the good guy and that he is entitled to his own opinions. To which I don't disagree... no matter how wrong, stupid or riddiculous, Yes you are entitled to them. What is not considered acceptable to do is to try and publically ram them down others throats and force your twisted views on others... then start getting all huffy puffy, angry, warped and then started messaging me every which way you can. Including tagging me on group posts, messaging through my own groups, messaging directly, through my pages and even on my EBay account. That is not normal rational behavoir of anyone, however yes, you can form your own opinions, we at least agree with that...

Isac 8.jpg

Insult people, get called names... what really do you expect? Troll on militaria group pages, cause trouble, argue non-sense and generally be a pain in the arse and then expect no consequences... hmmmm, shocking news here. All actions in life have reprocussions.

Isac 9.jpg

I didn't say anything, as he has me blocked, so even through  I help run the page, only Katey can reply to him. If he had unblocked me, I could have messaged him. Still no apology... if you wondering how he could as I blocked him every means possible. He could have sent it to Katey and as you'll see shortly, he could have if he wanted to. He just didn't... because he isn't really sorry at all, he just wants all this taken down. 

Then I notice in the pages notification setting that he has been commenting on various branches the thread about him... soo hes so sorry that publically he says this "I don't agree with it". Big deal man", not sure what he agrees with or disagrees with and neither does it interest me. However the clincher for all this being also posted on the website was the next comment. "Thanks for the publicity guys", one moment he is whispering us in messages asking us to take it all down, it looks bad on him, he wants to join the army (don't even get me started on how riddiculous that statement is) and then all of a sudden when hes on a public platform he showboats on his own thread. Trying to make out he doesn't care and even thanks us for posting it. I can only conclude that your lying about being sorry and wanting to apologise and that you are happy to let me write about you, indicated by your thanks and the thumbs up!

Isac 10.jpg

Just remember, all publicity is good publicity.... unless in his case that it shows you're a liar as well.

I deleted those messages, then came more, then more, then more... in fact over 36 messages in under and hour. Mostly exactly the same ramblings that were just getting copy and pasted. Sadly the notification system that the pages have make it really easy to delete things without having to go and find them in a thread. So as much as he was probably thinking his copy and pasting was fast... removing his nonsense was probably quicker. However, after that he has been blocked. I did joke that I'm sure the silly child will jsut go get another F/B account and come and post more crap. Fine by me, I can block another acount and keep on showing the world how pathetic he's being. I hope the Army still Googles peoples names when they apply for the Army. I would love to have a chat with them about his lying, untrustfull nature, rash snappy decisions, saying he'll do something one seconds, then going back on it the next... not to mention what he thinks of us returning dog-tags to veterans and that as far as he is concerned that all the veterans from world war 2 are already dead. Also lets hope all these winners of space on my website keep on giving me contect, after all its far easier than actually having to think about something to write...