How to Join 'Miss Drops 44'

So presuming you've read the bulk of what is on the website, or even if you haven't, or there is just too much to take in in one hit. You should at least have some idea of what we do and the sorts of things your going to need to purchase. 

Just remember, that all of us were in the same situation at some point, we all started with nothing and this was all very new to all of us at one point too. There are always other members in the unit who are new to us and some new to re-enacting too. We are always happy to answer any questions and are always available to talk with, in fact once your in, you'll be include into a Facebook chat and it pretty much goes off all the time and is fairly entertaining, you do really gain a second family! 

The first thing to do is make contact with us. Send a message, ask us questions if you have them and we can get you added into out watsapp chat and get you added to the Rosta.

Next task is simple. Obtain the minimum of kit, I don't mean start buying a rifle, webbing, pouches, shaving kits, zeltbahns... BASIC - MINIMUM KIT. We are all in various stages of kit progression, buy once and buy right. Don't buy cheap rubbish, it will not be acceptable and it only lowers the groups standards overall. All the information on individual items are on the website and where to purchase things from. Don't think that because we only use specific vendors that doing this the most authentic ways will be vastly more expensive. 

Right now you only need the minimum kit, consisting of

Garrison cap (preferably blue piped for Infantry)
M42 Jumpsuit (re-enforced jacket and trousers)
Enlistedmans wool shirt
Jump boots


Once you have a bare minimum of kit, you're welcome to attend a home event with us at our own training ground (see our 'Holdy Battery' page on the website) and meet the rest of Miss Drop 44 and see what the group is all about. You can decide if the group is really right for you, if not, then you'll have a great start on your kit needed to join any other less authentic 82nd/101st group in the UK.

If you decide you want to join then upon paying the year membership fees (£10 per year) you'll be a full member and you can attend as many or as few shows as you like. 

So, there really isn't much to it. Most important thing and best bit of advice I can give you is to make contact... even if it's just to say your thinking about re-enacting or that you want some information. 


We no longer accept anyone under the age of 18. Unless they are the son of another member.

Sorry... no women. We did try this, it was a disaster and it just caused far more problems, more so than we could ever have imagined!  

Members will CC2 their uniforms in decking oil. There is no exceptions to this rule, we don't care if your mate Wilfred said that wax looks better, we don't care if you think that 'snowseal' is the best thing to use. We all use decking oil, we all look the same... there is a reason its called a uniform. We all look the same.

If you don't listen and buy crap... don't bring it to events. This is a sure fire way to prove that you don't belong in our group. Yes, we do have high standards, we are more authentic, so no your cheap China made M42 will not do. No Soldier of Fortune rigger pouches are not good enough. Stop asking! 

We will always help you with every step, finding any item and advice is pretty much on hand 'nearly' 24 hours a day. However, if you repeatedly ask the same question over and over, we will get shitty with you... and you'll soon just start seeing "WEBSITE" as replies to your questions, or we just can't be arsed to write exactly the same information over and over to people when its so easily accessible. 

We have a great bunch of lads in the group and they come from all walks of life, so you'll get to mix with a very interesting and varied group of people. Exactly the same as what the drafts did to the recruiting pools in the 1940s. 

Still interested? 

Up for the challenge of being one of the most authentic?

Send us a message through the contact us button and we will get you added to the chat and take it from there.