How to Join the 502nd P.I.R. / 3rd Auxiliary Surgical Group / Womans Army Corps.

So presuming you've read the bulk of what is on the website, or even if you haven't or there is just too much to take in in one hit. You should at least have some idea of what we do and the sorts of things your going to need to purchase.

Just remember, that all of us were in the same situation at some point, we all started with nothing and this was all very new to all of us at one point too. There are always other members in the unit who are new to us and some new to reenacting too. We are always happy to answer any questions and are always available to talk with, in fact once your in, you'll be include into a Facebook chat and it pretty much goes off all the time and is fairly entertaining, you do really gain a second family! 

The first thing to do is make contact with us. Send a message, ask us questions if you have them, let us know you want to join and we can get you some forms. No its not a test, its mainly for your contact details so we can send you details of events, get you the Toccoa Times newsletters and should an emergency ever take place we can contact your family or doctor. So nothing difficult about that.


Once you have a bare minimum of kit, we can arrange your first show and then a second. If at the end of those two you think this is the group for you then you can apply to become a full member. If accepted, then upon paying the year membership fees (subs) you'll be a full member and you can attend as many or as few shows as you like. All the subs paid go into keeping the kitchen kitted out with all the equipment to feed us all, along with the making and purchasing items for our displays. 

Please be aware though, that the groups firmly believe that if you are female then you have the choice of either being A - Womens Army Corps or B - a Nurse. You simply CANNOT be a Paratrooper. Same in reverse, if you're a man, you cannot become a Nurse or a WAC. No exceptions. This puts the group in a bad light and is not within the keepings of being historically correct. 

Hot food is provided to all members at cost, £3 per meal and trust me, when your out in the field, to get some real hot food that hasn't come from the burger vans is a real treat that most groups do not do! So we do get looked after very well. Hot water for Tea/Coffee is available all day... which for coffee addicts like me is essential, especially first thing in the morning when my brain does no engage properly! Non-members, such as guests invited by the group and recruits attending for their first two events pay the non-member rate of around £5 per meal. 

So, there really isn't much to it. Most important thing and best bit of advice I can give you is to make contact... even if it's just to say your thinking about reenacting or that you want some information. 

Send me a message and I can send you over the membership form.

This is only a small part of what we do, a website is simply too small to handle everything. Facebook is where we started, nothing will ever beat its simplicity, powers of communication and ability to share photos, videos and knowledge, "come join us there too".

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