PAVARD R 1578787
Katie first contacted R Pavard's son, Bob a while back, we kept Bob on hold before we returned the dog-tag to him until we had a date for the BBC filming I previously mentioned. He agreed to take part and we could return the dog-tag to him on film at my home. So after a flying visit to the IWM in London with Mark Smith (AR), the producer Victoria, cameraman, Katie and I all piled into a car and drove home to my house ready to meet Bob and hand over the dog-tag. 

I kept the dog-tag hidden until the filming started, so his reaction on film was a genuine one, although we filmed that part several times from different angles etc. After the multitude of positions and room changes we sat down over some (sorry Katie) what can only be described as incredibly badly made coffee. So bad in fact that I called it gravy! However, this was all shadowed by the items which Bob and his brother Mark had brought along. Including their fathers medals, paperwork and other odds and ends.
The photo revealed the remarkable similarities between Bob and his father, in fact this could have been Bob in his fathers uniform. The medals in this project pretty much start blending into each other, this in no way makes them any less interesting to see, it just reflects how uninteresting the WW2 stars are, all being unnamed, no battle honours... although this could have simply been due to the scale involved, after all the battle honours that were proposed during WW1 were scrapped in the end due to the costs involved. What makes this so special for me is seeing the photographs of these soldiers, we have thousands of names and numbers and are all pretty meaning less until you see a photograph and can put a face to the name. Then and only then do you feel like you have an individual, and not just a number!
Left - The record of service shows that he was originally taken on with the Royal Artillery, reflected in his Army Serial Number (ASN), his rank being listed as Lance Corporal. He was listed with the R.A. for only 3 months before going to the Royal Armoured Corps and the 16th/5th Lancers. He fought through Africa and into Italy and from there we don't know. He wasn't awarded the France and Germany Star, so probably 
didn't serve there, or if he did it was outside the parameters to be awarded that Star.
Now its not often you see something like these, Bob and his brother were not sure what they were. When I realised what they were I was amazed and wondered how Ronald would have acquired them. They are US General stars that would have been mounted on a plate and then mounted to a jeep. Now either it's two sets of 2 Star General, or more likely as jeeps only one had one plate on the front denoting the rank, it is a 4 Star General. Ronald Pavard served in Italy, the only 4 Star General that we could think of in Italy was General Luscian K Truscott. You maybe thinking who? He was one of the most successful and talented generals of the US forces during that time. He has been largely overlooked by military historians as he served in Italy. Most of the generals we all know of served in glorious invasion of Normandy and on top of that he avoided almost all the press during war and wouldn't feature on magazines like Yank that generals like Patton thrived on. However he did feature on the cover of Life magazine once. He also went onto command in Korea and then later in Vietnam, was described as absolutely fearless! If these stars don't belong to Truscott, then there are only a few other possibilities, however they are such fantastic little items that most collectors would die kill for. Myself included!!!

14 - 06 - 2017 update on the successes:-

BERRETT VE - HUSSARS, RAC - sent home, then I got ignored? Odd.

BILLS FH - 17th/21st LANCERS, RAC - Handed to the veteran in person, fantastic!
LOCK JE - General Service Corps - sent home to the veteran, he has since worn the tag.
DUCKMANTON RW -  General Service Corps - sent home to the family.
HOLBECHE DF -  General Service Corps - sent home to the family.
TEECEY RG -  General Service Corps - sent home to the family.
HOLYOAKE GT - General Service Corps - sent home to the family.
BATTENBO DG - General Service Corps - sent home to the family.
OAKHILL KH - General Service Corps - Served with Desert Rats, RAC (see a separate page for Ken Oakhill)
TYTE AE - General Service Corps - sent home to his wife.
LAIDLOW AE - General Service Corps  - sent home to his son.
OSTICK FG - Issued from a Large ww2 Army Depot - sent home to his son.
LOWTHIN GJ - Post ww2, Issued some point before October 1950 - 2 years national service 1946-1948- he served in Germany - sent to the veteran.
TAYLOR JA - General Service Corps  - sent home to his son.
PENNING WR - General Service Corps  - sent home to his son.
BIBERFIELD M - General Service Corps - sent home to the family.
GARTENFELD DN - no idea who issued the tag, the tag is broken where the serial number was :(  - sent home to the family.
DASCOMBE JWG - General Service Corps  - sent home to his daughter.

CHURCHILL RJ - Post WW2 R.A.C. - sent home to the family.

KRUMAN SW - Royal Artillery - sent home to his son.

BLAY PK - General Service Corps - sent home to daughter, Blay is still alive, but unwell.

COLLISS LA - Royal Armoured Corps - sent home to his son.

CHATFIELD PL - General Service Corps  - sent home to his son.

RICHARDS RA & RICHARDS JG - Post war & Royal Fusiliers - sent home to the family.

Biberfield M 14823355

RICHARDS RA 22058704

BEZANT CA 7934858