It has been a while since this was updated, most people would probably assume that the heading above is a surname and an odd serial number... however today has been one of those days where a moron from the internet decides to play stupid... and playing stupid he does incredibly well. Even when I told where to find the information and learn, he still didn't want to. This jolly event started with a simple message; not an uncommon one on EBay which asked if the duplicate tags I sell on EBay are real. I get very tempted to reply that they are all in fact imaginary; and all I mail out is an empty bag filled with imagination... but I resisted the urge and I replied along the same lines as I always do "Yes these are real, I return them to veterans and families... blah blah blah, you can read the full story on the website - link provided". I think that's the end of that... However then this message arrives next...

todays dickhead award.jpg

Yup, I thought, here we go... I bet I know where this will end... you guessed it too, with me writing this to let you all know what fun I face when doing this. So, he failed to read anything I wrote. No dead soldiers are included in these tags... no sailors or airmen. I'm not keeping anything and even if I were, they are my property!!! Not that I see them that way, but in the eyes of the law they are. So I hit reply.... corrected all his errors, told him again to go to the website to see the full story of these tags, told him how many we've returned the costs involved and that any money we make from selling these duplicates in no way even covers a tiny fraction of the costs we've spent. I ignored his last question as it has nothing to do with anything. I added him to my EBay blocked list, but that never kicks in right away so wasn't too surprised when I saw another message pop up from Mr Charming. 

todays dickhead award 2.jpg

So now I pretty much know that either this guy was a total moron who can't understand anything or he is just out to try and antagonise me. He seems to be unable to understand the very basics of information provided. You'd think the sentence "None of these tags has anything to do with dead soldiers" would be easy to understand... however I'm guessing it is more complicated than most would imagine; as it clearly isn't sinking in. As for the comment about them 'belonging to dead soldiers', doubly wrong, they are not connecting to a dead soldier and they are in fact my property.

Again, I ignored this childish "have you ever served in the military nonsense", clearly he is currently serving and obviously is trying to play some sort of job top trumps with me. He at least gets 10/10 for trolling attempts...0/10 for quality though. I hit reply... explained once again all of the flaws in his messages and tell him yet again to go to website if he wants to learn and understand the project... then ping... another message, at this point I swear at EBays blocking service for not kicking in instantly. Although it's always nice to get free effortless content for the website.

todays dickhead award 3.jpg

My response wasn't clear!!! Anyone else not understand statements like this.
"Go to the website, everything you need to know is on there"
"they are nothing to do with dead soldiers"

"I return these tags at my cost"

"this project is running at a huge loss and selling some of these does in no way pay for what has been spent out"

Maybe its just me? Maybe my language confuses him because I use actually words and not grunts or lines of profanity. 

I hit reply for the last time. Going over the basics of the project once more, remind him again that it is almost 500 tags returned; not just a couple. If this was a business and profit was involved we would have been made bankrupt years ago as we always run at a huge loss; paid for by me... I then said I would not be replying any further. So hopefully this cretin is dealt with and buried under the rug... until he finds this website of course, then again, he hasn't bothered to read anything yet, so doubtful he will. Either way of course, I win, free effortless content or silence and one less idiot in the world for me.

todays dickhead award 4.jpg

REALLY! How stupid is this guy, clearly there is nobody thicker than this person. Still he struggles to grasp that it would be impossible for me to return dog-tags to veterans if they were killed during the war. I pointed out the obvious yet again, also pointed out that he clearly has either learning issues or doesn't understand simple English. I however was extremely polite in my message and continued to point out his obvious failings. Moving onto that he just seems to be a "lovely little keyboard warrior hiding behind an EBay username", I also then blessed his little cotton socks and wished him well.

todays dickhead award 5.jpg

OK, I'm actually feeling sorry for this guy now, clearly he either has major issues, or he is someone that I have upset before. Usually by telling the truth about someone.. like Adrian. However, I'm more leaning towards his having serious issues and so my reply had to reflect that as I genuinely started to feel bad about him. My reply was as follows.

todays dickhead award 6.jpg

I checked my EBay blocked list repeatedly and still can't understand why the messages are still coming through. From now on, I won't even open them. They will just be deleted. Stay safe Patrck, who ever you are.