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7889596 George MOTION - Shown above, George served with the 1st Lothian & Border Horse Yeomany in France in 1940 as part of the British Expeditionary Force. He like many others was captured and spent the war as a PoW. His tag was returned to the family thanks to the Wartime Memories Project. Thanks again Angela for all your help and support! This tag went back to the family in Shrewsbury. 

14509171 CF HARVEY - I joined a Facebook group to the Lothians & Border Horse 

Yeomanry, I posted about the project, mentioning G motions tag as I kept on finding more and more soldiers to this particular unit in reports. The first enquiry I got was from a chap called Andrew and this was exactly the soldier he was looking for! One of the easiest to return.

327689 HURWORTH - Apart from the tag going home to the family in Dorchester, I don't really have much more to say.

1492616 AGR HOCKADAY - Originally enlisting with Royal Artillery, he was then transferred over to the RAC. This wasn't not by any means uncommon, having being trained in large calibre weapons, these artillery men became great gunners. The tags went to his son Richards in Northamptonshire.

3659868 EA DENBOW - A full set of three tags have gone home to his daughter in Manchester.

14758311 GS RIDOUT - A pair of tags have gone home to hus daughter June in Trowbridge.

14234490 Stan SMITH - Another Wartime Memories Project success. I had found Stan Smiths on WMP website as his Grandson Derek had posted up a Christmas telegram to his Grandmother and mother. He also discovered other such items stored in a box passed to his mother from his grandmother. He had served with the 9th Royal Tank Regiment in NW'Europe. 

14522533 QM BANNERMAN - Although this tag cannot be returned home, as there is no home for it to go to. His story touched a nerve with Katey and she is giving these tags a loving home. Quentin Mulrae Bannerman born 1910 and died in 1969 with £2,444 to his name. He had no family and was cremated on 25th July 1969 in Lancashire.

14352694 DA SACH - A pair of tags to David Alan Sach from Thurrock Essex, these have been sent to his son Robert, another person who lives really close by. This time in Dunmow.

14402564 EEJ SENECHAL - Another set of three tags, this time they have gone to the family in Hitchin.

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