The next two tags were returned, not because of Katey or myself but a chap named Asher Pirt, an ex-soldier himself who has a fascination with the Phantom units of World War 2. Something I had never even heard of until now. If there is anything 'Phantom' that he doesn't know, its probably just not worth knowing! 

1121241 Leonard Sidney NEWMAN - First enlisted with the Royal Artillery, before joining the RAC and then going into a Phantom unit. With Ashers help this tag has gone home to Leonard's son Len which isn't hat far at all from me in Essex.  I don't have any information on what Leonard did except for that he was in David Niven's squad! There is a note on our records that says he might want to visit as he is very local, so I will send his son an email and ask so we can chat.

14220277 Derek Charles Lawrence ORPWOOD - Was taken on like the bulk of all WW2 soldiers with the General Service Corps, from there he would have been sent to the Royal Armoured Corps and somehow become a Phantom. This tag went home to his son Robert in Ashford.

Although not exactly 'home', I still wanted to record them here as a sort of victory and a thankyou to Asher for his help in getting the previous two home. The next 4 tags are all Phantoms too, identified with Ashers help, as we had three of each soldiers tag, one of each set was sent to Asher. Both as a thank you and for all the work in researching, sharing and publishing his findings. The four soldiers are :-
14671242 JC BILLINGS

4398676 R HOPPER

6847095 TR BRETT


Asher - Thanks again for sharing your information with us and all your help.

222028364 S LEZARD - a single post war tag sent home to him at a very fitting address 'Troopers Court' in Gloucestershire.

22032201 SC JOLLIFFE - Sidney's father (Charles Jacob Joliffe Somerset Light Infantry #10747 was injured in WW1 while pulling a large electric cable through the trenches. His stomach twisted and the muscles inside were damaged... He never recovered and died in 1946. Sidney had to leave school at 14 to do work to support the family, did laundry, later upholstery, then was called up with national service at age 18 - He was a driver and mechanic in national service and mg mechanic so post national service he drove lorries all over the country for work. His wife Marian was a postal worker and they would holiday in the US 1 month of every year. He said that his sister married Marian's brother. Sadly, he and Marian have no children. A pair of tags went home to his wife, Katey has the odd one that would have gone on the gas mask bag. Sometimes the people she talks to makes a real impression on her and the get along so well. In her own words "just a dear old man and I want to remember him"

14509338 - IR DAGGER - These two tags have gone home to the family in Derbshire, his granddaughter informed us that he help liberate one of the concentration camps.

6352041 HF EMBLIN - A Royal West Kent number, who was later transferred to the 53rd (Welsh) Reconnaissance Corps, fought in North Africa, Italy and later he was wounded in NW'Europe. He had two children, one in the UK and one in the USA. They asked if they could have one tag each, how could we refuse!

19148147 NRY GOULDING - Served in Palestine with the 3rd Hussars and also as Pathfinder with Parachute Regiment after the military he joined the police force and worked on famous Moors Murder. Norman is still alive and so the pair of tags went to him at his home in Widnes.

14219375 PCS LINGS - A pair of tags went to his son on the Isle of Man, they didn't know much at all about their fathers time in the war, but thought he served in Burma. Which is probably true as the soldiers in Burma were the ones who almost never spoke about the war.

14890466 NW HOWGEGO - Katey found his son on Facebook, having a unusual name really helps our cause! His son informed us that Norman was still alive and so the tag has gone to him. His wife says he enjoys talking about this time in 'tanks' at the end of the war. An amusing note on the files made my Katey reads "Last name pronounced HOW'JAH-GO", which is useful as I certainly wasn't pronouncing it that way!

14895634 JA FITZWATER - A pair of tags to a tank driver in the Kings Dragoon Guards have gone home to his daughter Susan in Feltham. 

3716978 H HIGSON - Lance Corporal Harry Higsons tag has gone home to his grandson Martin in Bolton. Harry appears on the website. He served in NW'Europe with the 107th Regiment.

7942488 RC LEAT - Ronalds tags were sent to his wife in Woodstock. Ronald served in Italy with the 8th Royal Tank Regiment.

14869558 KJ CROMAN - A pair of tags have gone home to Wallasey.

14883726 SG CUFF - A trio of tags have gone all the way to Australia to Stephens daughter Barbara.

7909343 RW DRINKALL - A pair of tags to a soldier who was capture in Greece, held in Stalag 18a Wolfsburg (Karnten) Austria and was given PoW No.1180. The tags have gone home to his grandson Alick.

4616483 E BODSWORTH - A full set of three tags returned through the fantastically helpful wartime memories project (WMP). WMP have been responsible for well over a dozen tags going home, to both veterans and families. Served with the 5th Inniskinning Dragoon Guards. These three tags went home to his son, David in Norfolk.

7904426 EC DAVIS - Another pair of tags that went home all because of the wartime memories project. Davis fought though N'Africa and Italy with the 40th Royal Tank Regiment. These have gone home to his family in Coventry

14883862 PF REDSTONE - Peter Farnham Redstone's tags have gone home to France. Interestingly that his middle name is Farnham, that is Katey's mothers maiden name and its fairly unusual to its possible that they're distant cousins!

408832 JA PICKTHALL - Katey worked her magic and tracked the family down through Ancestry, the same Ancestry who don't answer emails or want to help by the way! She found Traci who is John's granddaughter and they tags have gone all the way home to Canada!

556680 PA MEDLICOTT - A trio of tags have gone to a distant cousin in Leicester-shire! However, it was the best we could.

4105580 Walter Leslie HUGHES - When this project first started we wrote to almost all the museums that would have issued the army serial numbers found on these tags. Each musuem; if they responded at all, would always reply the same way. "you can't return the tags, that is impossible" and "we will have the ones to our regiment"... the only exception to this was Danny Rees at the Herefordshire Light Infantry Museum, who contacted me and asked if they could in any way help with the tags from their units! within less than a day we had a tag on its way home to Oldham. Walter served with the 53rd Reconnaissance Regiment and fought through Europe. Although I still have no faith in the rest museums, his is the exception to the rule. Thanks again Danny!

21040304 JC TREEN - A pair of tags have gone home to Johns daughter Sarah in Shipston-on-Stour.

14284954 ELC SLARKS - Now for those who have been reading though all these pages you will have notice this name before. He was at the tank museum talking to the public and I found out about this on the tank museum Facebook page. Now this really annoyed me. The tank museum (TM) know all about this project, they refuse to help in any way, they wont give me access to the files I need, I offered to volunteer, I offered to do the work myself... they also can't even be bothered to put me in contact with people like Slarks who go to the TM who are veterans! I wrote all over the thread to the photo on the TM Facebook page. Luckily months and months later his son saw my comments and contacted me directly, so I could then send the tags home. It is really frustrating when companies like this almost seem to go out of there way to hinder these tags going home. Especially when they go to the actual veterans that help out at there own museum!