Along with the dog-tags that went home to Edmonds, were the following.

Nunn GFP 19173224 x2 have gone home to George and his son Andrew. 

Skelton MK 19197352 x1  amusingly Katey phoned the family and it was one of the odd occasions where the recipient of the phone call was wary of a scam, so much so that they refused to entertain the idea at all, however it was a while later that Katey came across the address. So we popped it in the post with a note saying that we didn't want the family to miss out, simply because they thought it was a scam of some kind. Sure enough a few days later a request to join our Facebook group came through along with a message thanking us for our perseverance and it is now a treasured memento that is the only thing he now has that is a connection to his father.

Stentaford LW 19174046 x3 have gone home to Tom in Bristol.

Hayllar TE 19174205 x2 have gone home to his son Thomas in Shropshire. He served 16/5th Lancers and we know he was out in Egypt.

Nunn RJ 14432012 x1 have gone home to Terry in Glasgow, Katey was impressed by this one as it took 3 years to find the right family! Shows the persistence she has. He served with 2nd Royal Gloucestershire Hussars and he was captured in North Africa and was held as a prisoner of war. 

Oxtoby AD 7911983 x1 have gone home to Stephen in Scarborough. He served in the Royal Tank Regiment and served out in North Africa and Italy.

Newboult FV 10601748 x2 have gone home to his Grandson Paul in Stoke-on-Trent.

Loasby PA 7896448 x3 have gone home to his Grandson Ian in Kettering. He served in Africa and Italy and he was accepted into  Popski's private army but his CO refused to let him go because he was an excellent tank driver and also a great at metal work!

Flack Walter 5340290 x2 have gone home to his son Les in Hampshire. Les loved talking about his father and his time during the war. He first came across Walter on the 61st Recce Website over a year ago!

Launchbury John 79420 x3 have gone home to Keith in America. John was a part of LDV in Oxfordshire and was at Cowley Barracks which was just up the road from the pub my Mum ran for years. He would have also trained at the first site we ever detected, which was not only used by the LDV/Home Guard, but also the Canadian Engineers. 


Shatford DE 7895923 x2 have gone home to Jon in Hungerford, Jon told us that his Grandfather was a tank driver.

Blackman KWA 7919324 x3 have gone home to his son Nigel in Wells. His father Kenneth served with the 16/5th Lancers and was a wireless operator in the tank, he contracted jaundice and was sent home to the UK. Post war he work in a bank and for some strange reason, in the notes section on the database Katey and I work from she has written "natural fear of rats" now why she has included that baffles me, but I guess she was told that from Nigel and so included it and so have I.

Shadwell HAG 7945517 x3 have gone home to his Grandson Graham in Wiltshire. He served with the Queen's Bays in Italy.

Since we first started sending home these dog-tags, we have been out and recovered more and numerous occasions and such we found additional tags to go with some of the ones that went home. So I worked though all these last week and sent them all out. Completing quite a few sets. I had a message from Lee Gremo who thanked us for the tags. He now has a complete set of three and has shown us a photograph of Henry who is 2nd on the left.

all three tags.jpg

1st on the left we have 'Ginge', Henry's brother Alfred C. Gremo 1587665 who has for all this time been buried under a wrongly named grave 'Arthur Charles Grems'. How Katey finds these things out is beyond me. She went and made contact with the CWWGC and reported this too them, who were shocked to see this error and I believe will make the necessary corrections. His grave is in Berlin.

Thanks Lee for the photograph, Lee is also fascinated by military history like so many others of us and like myself has a passion for all things WW1 and WW2.

Right - the complete set of tags to Henry Gremo. The weird staining on the oval shaped tag is from the rot proof cord, where they were all dumped and everything else from this site was burnt. The cord melted to the tags and formed a black hard almost plastic like substance that was stuck to the surface of the tag.

Skelton 19197352

SKELTON 19197352 dogtag project extreme

Launchbury 7942097


Edmonds 14378693                          top right corner of photograph      top

Trooper Derek Edmonds 14378693.jpg
Edmonds top right corner.png