FLOCK HAA 14399461
Katey worked her magic again and tracked down the daughter of Henry Flock, she sent her a message through F/B and didn't reply to Katey for fear of it being a scam. In fact I think she left it a while before she contacted me through this website, I confirmed everything that Katey had said and told her I can either post it, or knowing her concerns about it all being a trap, said if she wanted to collect it from me it was great. After all, its less for me to do and saves the postage! She replied says that she was going away on holiday and would get in touch when she was back. I did wonder if I would ever hear from her again, after all, it wouldn't be the first time I have heard something similar. Who ever thought that giving things away would be difficult. She did eventually get back in touch and asked if she could come round that day. I am rather an impulsive person, so doing things at the last minute is always fine with me, so agree.  Later that evening a knock at the door, it was Jackie and her husband. I invited them in and escourted them down to the office/war room and presented them with 2 of his dog-tags. Jackie opened an envelope that she had brought along with her and showed me a photograph of her father in his Para uniform, also she had his cap badge.   
He was a member of the 1st Btn, 22nd Ind Parachute Company. He was transferred to Royal Armoured Corps right near the end of WW2. Hence we had his dog-tag. He left for the Normandy Invasion from RAF Harwell in Oxfordshire. The whole of RAF Harwell has since been replaced by new buildings, only one small piece of runway existed, upon it once sat my office which was only a temporary port-a-cabin. However during his flight it would have gone straight through the place my office sat all those years later.
Included with the items Jackie brought with her was a WW1 BWM, she never knew there were the owners details round the edge. I printed off the details of the owner from Forces War Records for her and she eventually tracked it down to be her Grandfather. I think overall she was very impressed with her visit and glad that I have restored a little 

14/11/2018 - It has been a few good months since I last updated the website and I feel we are now made a huge leap forwards. The Wartime Memories Project (WMP) did indeed put almost all the soldiers I have on my huge database onto their website with the text that I have a tag and want to return it to the family. We are now getting a steady stream of emails forwarded on from WMP which is excellent, however still the usual problems about people requesting tags that we can't possibly have, due to the fact they don't read what is written. Still people asking for WW1 soldiers, killed soldiers, Navy and RFC/RAF. I put an additional note on the contact us page to check those points before messaging us... fingers crossed.

PANKHURST 14343570 

WMP got their first home run a couple of days ago when I had an enquiry about William Pankhurst of the Reconnaissance Regiment, RAC from a chap called Benn. A quick check revealed that I did have a tag that matched the name perfectly, I replied and asked Benn if he had anything with the soldiers serial number on it. A bit of digging around and he produced a stunning war time photograph and a document with his number. That revealed it was a perfect match! Excellent, then the bit that I always worry the most as so many trails have stopped here... the point where I ask for an address to post the tag too. So many people get strangely nervous here and then stop replying to everything. However, Benn saw the light and replied with an address, within the hours it was wrapped up and ready to post.

Pankhurst WL 14343570 pankhurst dogtags
Pankhurst WL 14343570 photo pankhurst do

I had a phone call from Benn that evening as I was working on the next book, was nice to explain all about our project and he thanked us lots for the work we do. I explained that it was Katey and I who think we are the lucky ones to be in the position to be able to run and work on this project and give something back. At the same time learning all about all the enlisted-men who were the backbone of the British forces. 

The tags went into the post the next morning and of course I just went on to working on the next, the next ending task. The morning after a text came through on my phone saying the tags had arrived, good job Royal Mail a super-fast delivery and a thank you from Benn again. 

Sadly at the moment not much is known about 

pankhurst dogtags extreme relic hunters

Uncle Bills wartime history, however Benn did say that his Uncle Ron has a copy of his service records, so it will be interesting to see what it contains. The only details that popped up on FWR was a wounded report from Italy which states he was serving with the 80th Reconnaissance Regiment. The only other report is a correction to the previous report which states it should have read 1st Reconnaissance, not the 80th.  

Others that we have returned too that didn't get a mention before, mainly as information was really limited and not even a photograph could be sourced :-

Dragoons                             408843       BOHILL          7th Hussars

Royal Armoured Corps    7961130     GOODER        1st Lothians and Border Yeo

General Service Corps   14804625     ETCHES

General Service Corps   14216967     ANDREWS     12th RTR

Large Army Depot 21s   21037513     DANDO           4th RTR

Large Army Depot 19s   19143941     DOY                17/21st Lancers

Large Army Depot 19s   19008749     PIGGOTT        4/7th Dragoon Guards

General Service Corps   14868083     HUBBARD      4/7th Dragoon Guards

Lancers                                 323408      SKUSE             Lancers

(Royal) Pioneer Corps    13116588    SHERMAN      Pioneer Corps

Royal Armoured Corps    7958358    MASON

That lot bringing us up to a total of 132 home. However as I write this I am dealing with another enquiry about 6024213 PEARSON who enlisted with the Essex Regiment (so a chance they could be local) and we have a single tag that should be able to return home too.