Reenacting kit for sale

Field Manuals, £12 each, or £5 to members of the our group. For full details of the field manual project, there is a seperate page that can be found in the 502 drop down menu.

502 S-2 Patch, unlike all the crap that is available on the market at the moment, most of which is shit, this is nearly spot on. Only the folded edging lets it down, but that could be cut off. £12 (£7 to members)

Armed Service Edition original reading books, these books were purposely made to be pocket sized so all soldiers could easily carry one around with them. £10 each (£7.50 to members) Available titles are -

Mademoiselle Fifi
Guns of the Frontier

A Wartime Whitman

A Pearl in Every Oyster

The Dark Page

Clipper Ship Men

Luck in All Weathers

Lost in the Horse Latitudes

An Almanac for Moderns

The Generals Lady

The Land is Bright

The Night Life of the Gods

The Strange Woman

South Moon Under

Pitcairns Island

The Great Lakes

Disputed Passage

Drop ropes, made here out of pure cotton, no plastic fibres, just 100% pure cotton. Slight variations in each rope due to the fact that I am doing them, these are not mirror clones of each other. Some have what I call the handle, others do not. You get what I make. Realy though... there is no difference. £14 (£10 to members)

US Military WW2 Watches

Nice reproduction WW2 US Military watches, don't risk wearing an original that looks old. These brand new watches, come with the black leather strap, but this can be swapped over for the canvas gree straps. 

Black leather strap £16 (£10 members)
Canvas Strap £20 (£15 members)

Both Straps £22 (£16 members)

As well as these with a white face, there is always a black faced version, it doesn't have the 24hr clock on the inside, but has been refered to as a paratrooper watch. Don't get excited though, I think this is just a gimic name!

The Black face is can be purchased in the following types;

no straps (actually its an ugly strap that it comes with, but it really needs changing into

with black straps £16 (£10 members)

with Canvas Straps 20 (£16 members)

Reproduction 'Rayon' dog-tag cords, these were sold at the PX as an alternative the standard dog-tag toilet chain style chains. These came in every colour of branch of service possible, sadly though, most of these are two colours and I cannot find any Rayon cord like that that I can use. So at the moment choice as rather limited. I always have Infantry (Light Blue), Artillery (Red) and Cavalry (Yellow) in stock. But other one colour cords can be obtained, although most of these are for unusual branches of service like Chaplinas (Black) etc

£10 (members £6)

The Orange/White Signal Corps cords shown in the photos are my original 'Rayon' cords, the Infantry cords are the ones I make, so not professional made, but they look fairly good, do they job and are really confortable.

Coffee cans and Powdered Milk cans. These fantastic reusable cans come in several different designs. opens just like a paint can, easy to open with almost anything on hand. £20 for 4 cans, that includes free UK shipping. Recommend 3 coffe and 1 milk. There are 5 different coffee can lables, but at the moment I only have 1 design of milk label.

The cans are all brand new, straight from a large packing manufacturer in the UK. So please don't think I am washing out hundreds of used paint cans that could posion you when you start filling them with coffee!

The cans are air tight and you can use them over and over as long as you don't start doing crazy things with them. Should the lables get worn, wet, torn damaged, I can always print more for you to replace them with.


for four cans


members price

This is only a small part of what we do, a website is simply too small to handle everything. With Facebook going to shit in terms of historical interest... basically if they don't like, they delete it or hide it. The Military History Network has been created. Bringing together, collectors, military historians, re-enactors, military vehicle enthusiasts and anyone else interested in anything military related. Not being run by a company, but by collectors and reenactors for likeminded folk. It is completely free, has no stupid rules, there is no need to sensor photographs containing things that make FB cry, resulting in bans and deleting history... this is the future of all things military related.

MHN Logo green.jpg

come join us!