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For sale 

A place for members to put items up for sale.

S-2 502nd Patch

I wanted an 502 S-2 Patch for my A-Class, now the problem with that was that less then 30 of these were made during the war! Clearly even if I was able ot find one, the price would be astronical, then would I really want to sew it on something I would wear! Hell No! So I had these made to a high quality...

Of course I knew others would want them too so I made a small production run and can offer these out for sale at £12 each with a worldwide postage included.

Captain Cecil L. Simmons designed this sleeve patch during his brief tenure as company commander of Regimental HQ Company, 502PIR, in summer 1944. It is believed that 30 or less were made by a British patch manufacturer, based on a hand-drawn design, submitted by Captain Simmons. He incorporated a sphinx (the symbol of military intelligence) with the words 'Wisdom Power Silence'. The patch was intended for wear on the lower left sleeve, above any hash marks or overseas bars, much as a pathfinder wing is worn. Simmons offered these patches to his S-2 personnel, at a cost of .30 cents each. He tried in mid 1945, to get the design approved for wear by S-2 personnel in all 4 infantry regiments of the 101st Airborne, but the division was inactivated before that was accomplished. Simmons' S-2 patch is now one of the rarest of all 101st ABD related WW2 patches.


101st GI Series book 'A4'

After WW2 there was a whole series of these 40-50 page books published on all manner of US units from WW2. We have started to reproduce these to allow collectors, including myself to own a physical copy of these great books. A lot more of these too come! A great way to have a copy of these hard to source books and I will do my best to keep the prices right down, as always, these are made by a collector, for collectors... £12 with worldwide postage. 


K Ration Boxes

There have been so many companies and individuals making K Rations boxes, sadly not all are the right colours; or even the correct size!

These are spot on to the originals. The company who makes these have made perfect copies of originals, even down to a choice of styles and manufactures!

If you only need the cartons to fill an opened crate for a display, you can buy a dozen K Ration outer cartons. This means you get 12 sets of all three units totalling 36 outer cartons. Yes, a total of 36 K Rations!

It is also possible to get both the outer and inner carton sets for that extra touch. Fill the inner cartons with a block of wood for shape and weight, and you can open that crate and hand out those rations during a show!

(Totals 36 outer and 36 inner cartons!)

36 K Rations outer cartons only is £60
36 K Rations outer and inner cartons is £75


You get:
12 outer (and inner) cartons of the Breakfast unit,
12 outer (and inner) cartons of the Dinner unit,
12 outer (and inner) cartons of the Supper unit.

Of course you can buy smaller amounts too!

9 K Rations outer cartons £20
9 K Rations inner & outer cartons £30

You get:

3 outer (and inner) cartons of the Breakfast unit,

3 outer (and inner) cartons of the Dinner unit,

3 outer (and inner) cartons of the Supper unit.

Want even fewer?

Tough ;) go buy some overpriced rubbish elsewhere!

So just pick what type you want. 

Top picture is -
Kellogg Company, seal-end style cartons. Type IVa

2nd from top- 

Phillips Packaging Co, tuck-end style cartons. Type IVa


3rd from top-

Patten Food Products, tuck-end style cartons. Type IIIa

Bottom -
The Hills Bros. Company, tuck-end style cartons. Type II

Shipping extra - possibly a waiting time depending on printing. Contact me for enquiries.