Items and services for sale

Field Manuals, £12 each, or £5 to members of the our group. For full details of the field manual project, there is a seperate page that can be found in the 502 drop down menu.

army life.jpg
fm 21-100.jpg
fm 23-7.jpg
tm 11-392.jpg
fm 5-20A.jpg

502 S-2 Patch, unlike all the crap that is available on the market at the moment, most of which is shit, this is nearly spot on. Only the folded edging lets it down, but that could be cut off. £12 (£7 to members)

s2 s-2 patch inteligence 502nd 101st air
s2 s-2 patch inteligence 502nd 101st air

Armed Service Edition original reading books, these books were purposely made to be pocket sized so all soldiers could easily carry one around with them. £10 each (£7.50 to members) Available titles are -

Mademoiselle Fifi
Guns of the Frontier

A Wartime Whitman

A Pearl in Every Oyster

The Dark Page

Clipper Ship Men

Luck in All Weathers

Lost in the Horse Latitudes

An Almanac for Moderns

The Generals Lady

The Land is Bright

The Night Life of the Gods

The Strange Woman

South Moon Under

Pitcairns Island

The Great Lakes

Disputed Passage


Drop ropes, made here out of pure cotton, no plastic fibres, just 100% pure cotton. Slight variations in each rope due to the fact that I am doing them, these are not mirror clones of each other. Some have what I call the handle, others do not. You get what I make. Realy though... there is no difference. £14 (£10 to members)

drop rope pic.jpg

US Military WW2 Watches


Nice reproduction WW2 US Military watches, don't risk wearing an original that looks old. These brand new watches, come with the black leather strap, but this can be swapped over for the canvas gree straps. 

Black leather strap £16 (£10 members)
Canvas Strap £20 (£15 members)

Both Straps £22 (£16 members)

As well as these with a white face, there is always a black faced version, it doesn't have the 24hr clock on the inside, but has been refered to as a paratrooper watch. Don't get excited though, I think this is just a gimic name!


The Black face is can be purchased in the following types;

no straps (actually its an ugly strap that it comes with, but it really needs changing into

with black straps £16 (£10 members)

with Canvas Straps 20 (£16 members)

Reproduction 'Rayon' dog-tag cords, these were sold at the PX as an alternative the standard dog-tag toilet chain style chains. These came in every colour of branch of service possible, sadly though, most of these are two colours and I cannot find any Rayon cord like that that I can use. So at the moment choice as rather limited. I always have Infantry (Light Blue), Artillery (Red) and Cavalry (Yellow) in stock. But other one colour cords can be obtained, although most of these are for unusual branches of service like Chaplinas (Black) etc

£10 (members £6)

ww2 Rayon dogtag cords extreme relic hun
ww2 Rayon dogtag cords extreme relic hun
ww2 Rayon dogtag cords extreme relic hun

The Orange/White Signal Corps cords shown in the photos are my original 'Rayon' cords, the Infantry cords are the ones I make, so not professional made, but they look fairly good, do they job and are really confortable.

Coffee cans and Powdered Milk cans. These fantastic reusable cans come in several different designs. opens just like a paint can, easy to open with almost anything on hand. £20 for 4 cans, that includes free UK shipping. Recommend 3 coffe and 1 milk. There are 5 different coffee can lables, but at the moment I only have 1 design of milk label.


The cans are all brand new, straight from a large packing manufacturer in the UK. So please don't think I am washing out hundreds of used paint cans that could posion you when you start filling them with coffee!

The cans are air tight and you can use them over and over as long as you don't start doing crazy things with them. Should the lables get worn, wet, torn damaged, I can always print more for you to replace them with.


for four cans


members price
(cans sold individually)



Although wartime invasion currency can be printed from some free pdfs online, these not only cost you in ink and paper, but the worst part is that all the serial numbers are the same.... and usually an unrealistic '00000000'. Every note in our books is unique, not only do we supply the military notes that were printed in the US, but have also included a small amount of civilian notes that were also issued in really small numbers by the military. These can be seen being issued in the video of the 82nd being issued there invasion currency.


Each book contains vast amounts of notes, so you get plenty to give away, gamble with, loose, get wet and discard. Everyone who has purchase one so far has been over the moon and find it hard to believe the quality of the printing which is all done professionally... best still the price is kept down nice and low. Like everything we do... it literally is made by re-enactors... for re-enactors.


each book


members price

Fuel tablet packaging. 

A rather strange product that we were asked to produce, but after creating these, we found that we use them and love them! You'll need to purchase the correct size 'hexi' blocks. But those are cheap and easily available on eBay. Those are the 'Highlander' ones and can be purchase in varying amounts.

You simple cut the boxes out, fold them on the lines and glue on tab down. Nothing more to it. Because hexi is solid, the packets are fairly resilient to being bashed about in packs or pockets.


Sold in lots of 10 packets (5 pages, 2 packets on each page). Price includes free postage.


per 10


members price


At last, stop carrying empty map cases; or in a worse case filled with Cornish pasties, Mars bars and cans of coke.

Lets start filling them with the actual contents they were intended. We have reproduced the 6 most commonly seen maps for the 101st / 82nd in Normandy. These have been professionally printed and look fantastic, I'm in the process of framing a couple up as they really do look that good! 

Printed on a decent quality stock paper that will last if looked after of course. Don't open up in a thunderstorm and then complain to me that it eventually fell to bits! I will only laugh at you.

There is an overview of France map in a much smaller scale, the other 5 maps all contain all the famous towns/villages you'll instantly recognise. Carentan, St Mere Eglise etc. Only sold in sets of 6.



the set
of 6 maps


members price


These have become a big hit with  our guys, these hand-knitted scarves that have been knitted to original wartime patterns. Each one with a Red Cross label on them (Green Army Productions), labels are random. I order them that way from GAP. The average GI would haven't  have had a choice when he got one from the Red Cross and frankly... it doesn't matter which chapter yours comes from.

One the dullest things to knit in the world, but one of the most handy luxury items to wear or stuff in your pack. I used mine on top of what ever I roll up for a pillow. These are super cosy! 


1 scarf


members price

s-l1600 (1).jpg

After missing out on purchasing an original of these stationary sets to add to my collection, I decided... wait... I could easily just get these made. Then I could use them as intended, sit at events and write letters.. although mailing them could be an issue! 

The envelopes are professionally printed in Germany and are shipped over, the boxes are manufactured to size and hardly fun to sit and put together but work perfectly. The other items are produced and printed by myself here in the office; the graphics are all drawn and created by myself and are almost indistinguishable from the original. Shown here in the picture that I pulled from eBay. Ignore all the other items shown, in this job lot of items was all sorts of airborne related paperwork.

I have removed the contents of my box and have stuff them in my map case for use. Other guys have taken the contents and folded them in and keep them in one of the inside pockets in the musette bag. Just don't forget a pencil!


1 pack


members price