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Facebook has become a hazardous place for those interested in militaria over the last year, groups get taken down by the F/B dictator/tyrant on an almost weekly basis... what crimes had most of them committed to have groups of tens of thousands of member be deleted without notice I hear you all ask. The crimes are usually one of these two.

1. Showing anything that the snowflake tossers of the world deem scary. Swastikas being the most common. Seeing as almost everything German from the Second World War has this purely evil symbol on it, its hard to avoid. Oh wait.... unless you don't look, or maybe not go to website that may contain this sort of content...


2. Selling of anything that F/B doesn't like or understand. Even if it is completely legal to trade those items. Most relevent to us are inert munitions such as grenades & shells. Also bayonets, knifes or anything that could be considered a weapon.

We continue to see many sites being shut down, our own ERH trading page vanished from F/B without a word from them. It simply vanished into the ether.

There are still a great many groups out there on F/B, most treading carefully over the minefield of what they allow to be posted. Some groups now monitor every single post by any member wanting to post, that is for those that are not in F/B prison for breaking some other of Zuckerbergs made up 'crimes'. Even this isn't enough to stop sites being pulled. Facebook seems to run a photo recognition program to look out for those 'naughty' things we may post. Some times it does find the right sorts of things... mostly it doesn't. A friend recently had problems when he tried to sell some guitar stands! This was instantly pulled down and he got a telling off. Of course he compained and F/B then allowed the post. This overly heavy handed nature is the same way the police work... your guilty, until you prove your innocence. I'm sure its not supposed to be this way around... but what can the mortals amoungst us do.... well sadly nothing, just except that if you play in Facebooks playground you'll be watched, judged and for the most part these is no come back on their decisions... 

What has survived the purge?

Extreme Relic Hunters

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Well, amazingly Extreme Relic Hunters main page is still up. I expect one day to log on and to find a big empty space where our group once belonged, however, for now, we are still going. Full of the crazy stuff its always been known for, easy going crowd, free speach (within reason), "if you play with dodgy shit then its your fault" attitude, lots of relics and miltary history... suits those who see the 'grey' in area in those black and white rules. We fit neatly between those Saintly metal detectorists and the ruthless bottle diggers!

However, arseholes, dickheads and trolls are never tollerated here for more than a few seconds. We have a hard line against people who just want to cause trouble. Its a hobby for all and not a method to self promote. Hence no Steve Taylor... isn't it refreshing to not see post after post either linking his own website or Suggs TV show that he was on.


Probably one of the most unusal groups that I am a big fan of. These guys search in Romania (as you could probably tell by the name) and find some truely amazing finds, combined with some of the photographical talents of some of its members its a fantastic site to enjoy. Luckily F/B has that 'translate' button when people write in a language you don't understand, which for us folks in the UK is usually any other language! 

R.M.A is a page dedicated to Romanian military archeology and history. We are a team specialized in the recovery of militaria relics and artefacts.


Now Although the topic is very similar to our own ERH page, the approach is very different, while we allow just about any crazy antics, WRMDG take a rather more cautious and possible sensible approach (even if I do say so myself). 'Do not post anything that could be live munitions' being one of the strictist rules they enforce. While we don't do this on ERH, I understand why this is considered important and while away from home, you simply play by others rules. Having said that, the group stilll contains all the fun and frollocks that other sites have too. Plus there is no Steve 'Me me me me me me me me me' Taylor . com on there and no Russell Simpson, both being removed a while back. So need to constantly see adverts for StevenTaylor.com or getting whispers from Russell asking where you found things or trying to befriend people in a hope to tricking them into taking him relic hunting.

A word from Nick West, the groups founder:-

War relics metal detecting group was set up with three aims

1. To teach detectorists the dangers of live ordnance

2. To help identify unusual military finds

3. For somewhere that likeminded people can show their finds. We have members from all over the world, we only do military related posts so we stay a specialised group. We welcome everyone with an interest in military history. Our members are from all ages, male and female.


An extremely knowledgable group on matters of the MGC and early Armoured units. I came about this group whilst looking for information on the soldiers behind the dog-tags we recovered. Sadly this doesn't contain much for the project, but did help in finding their sister group, which covers the Royal Tank Regiment.

This is only a small part of what we do, a website is simply too small to handle everything. Facebook is where we started, nothing will ever beat its simplicity, powers of communication and ability to share photos, videos and knowledge, "come join us there too".

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