Everything... in order of usefulness and importance...

A lot of this will be obvious, for example the most important things is the M42 jumpsuit, then shirt, boots, helmet... at that point you look like a trooper. After that comes the webbing and weapons. Then what? What is most useful, what will you buy and never use and has no real practical function. Hopefully the list below will help some what. The only modern item listed is a sleeping bag, as much as it seems like a good idea sleeping in wool blankets of period sleeping bags... trust me its not worth it. You'll get no sleep and to what benefit? The public will have no idea you slept like that, you'll be cold, uncomfortable and miserable! Just hide that sleeping bag during the day under wool blankets or in a closed PUP tent. It is your only modern it that you should really bring as part of your kit. Even things like lighters and pens etc should all be period or period looking. There is no reason to have modern items in your pockets or on display.

part 1... the basics

M42 Uniform

wool Shirt

jump boots

M1 helmet + net

trouser belt or suspenders

part 2... webbing & weapons

firearm (m1 Garand, carbine etc)

m3 combat knife

m1936 pistol belt

role appropriate webbing (see 'your role')

musette pack

m1936 suspenders

Carlisle pouch and tin

M1910/42 canteen cover



entrenching tool


part 3... (most useful non-essential items)

mess tin

kfs (knife, fork & spoon)

c-ration cooker (get it from me, free!)

any role appropriate items

pup tent (complete)

a modern sleeping bag (only modern thing)

coat (warm) - greatcoat or mackinaw

garrison cap

leather gloves

brown wool blankets (more the better)

wash roll

       wash cloth

       soap dish - soap

       razor - mirror - shaving soap


       period toothpaste (appearance)

Part 4...

jeep cap


wool jumper

1940s lighter


spare canteen

m5 rubberized gas mask bag

m2 throat knife

tl-122-abc flashlight

part 5... trinkets & decorations

he grenades

Gammon Grenade

hawkins grenade

en bloc clips / mags for pouches

60mm mortar / .30 ammo belt

ammo boxes

A-class uniform

m7 gas mask

1st aid tie on pouch 

drop rope (I always have some)

gas brassard (it'll fall apart in seconds)

part 7... the list goes on and on

bandolier (full of rubber clips)

Id (pay book, driving license etc)

pocket litter, period money etc

shoulder pads

googles / eye shields

gas mask bag contents

French language guide

period watch


British army bandage (502 had 1 each)


part 8... another bit of pointless kit

rifle cleaning kit, contents below

oil bottle

rifle grease pot (tiny)

m31 brush

pull through and brush

rubberized cleaning kit pouch

m3-a1 combination tool

lubricating oil (can)

bore cleaner (can)

cleaning patches

part 9... above and beyond

Mae west

t5 parachute

period wallet

griswold bag

leg bag



hexi fuel for cooking

matches / lighter fuel

food / snacks

blank ammunition


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