A place we can store useful information relating to our hobby, everything from Mills Grenade Manufacturers, British War Medal clasps, German Medal Manufactures... 

If you have anything that you use regular and its not on here, feel free to email me and it can be posted up here so we can collate all this great information in one place.


Some of these were written asa guild to help new reenactors coming into the hobby, but they are still relevent for collectors.

British Webbing Infantry & Equipment

Fitting Instructions from the original manuals. These are all links to .PDFs on other websites, you either have to open them in a different tab or, use the back button on your browser to get back to our ERH website.

British Printing, Issue of  -1939 the Pattern 1937 Web Equipment.

An odd one this, Italian post war booklet with Patt '37 Fitting Instructions.

Canadian Printing, Issue of 1940 - fitting Instructions for W.E. Patt. '37.

Australian Printing, Issue of 1941 - Patt. '37 Fitting Instructions.

Army Training Memorandum No. 45 (1943).

When it comes to webbing, I'm sure we all have a piece that has some markings on it, but typically the date is '19...' and the last digits are so faded that they are no longer legible. However, not all is lost. Most of the time these can still be read and what might have been 1946 :O could turn out to be 1941. Making all the difference to a collector, however the best way to be able to do this is with night vision googles, or something with that capability. Old cassette camcorders often used to have a night vision or low light capability, both of this can enhance the remaining ink that is no longer visible to the naked eye. 
I also read that smartphones can also be used to enhance faded ink marks by inverting the colours. I have enabled this on my Samsung, but although I can now take photographs in a different way, it hasn't really been much help, although I see how it might. I will keep testing this out as I look for new items to add to the collection.

A more successful example I saw was a photograph of some markings, then the saturation was increased 100%. This can be done in many programs, not just programs like Photoshop, but also the free software that comes on most windows machines. Once the saturation is increased the markings become much more legible and simply seem to appear from nowhere! This seems to be the easiest and most reliable without buying a pair of night vision goggles, although this method is not very portable!

When I find time, I will get around to trying different methods on some of the items I have in my collections and display the results... eventually! 

German Database

For those whoe collect or are looking to collect German militaria, you have to look at these videos, not only does he prove loads of myths to be garbage, shows you how to spot fakes, dealers to avoid like the plague and dealers you can trust. They are a bit heavy on profanity, but tollerate this insted of wasting hundreds or thousands of pounds on buying rubbish! 

Sadly these were all on You-Tube and just like Facebook they are shitting their pants at anything that contains a swastika and they think that anything that contains one is just hate speach, so everything was removed from You-Tube. I would have been able to put video boxes on the website, but instead, each photo will open a new tab with the corresponding video. Lots and lots to learn in these and some should really do make you laugh.

MMJ Frog crap 1.jpg
MMJ fake.jpg
MMJ Mus1.jpg
MMJ Ost Med.jpg
MMJ serv.jpg
MMJ EK.jpg
MMJ diecast.jpg
MMJ Mus2.jpg

German Manufacturers codes

German Belt Buckles 1847 - 1945 Lenny Warren

Fantastically helpful pdf on the SOE items