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with Arms Drill (rifle drill)

Drill is one of the most entertaining things to watch re-enactors do, nobody every does it as it should be done, not through any fault of their own. Re-enactors have just never had this 'drilled' into them hours after hour, day after day. So expect mistakes and lots of them, but that's great, remember we are here to entertain the public and making them at us not knowing right from left is part of the show! Drill may sound daunting, however remember that everyone is in the same boat. Even if you've done it 100 times before you never remember any of it and even if you can, convincing you hands and arms that you know it is a different matter.

Rifle drill is only ever done with a rifle, BAR gunners and those with Thompson, Grease Guns and carbines, simply shoulder the weapon... however, don't let that think you'll escape... sometimes there are spare rifles kicking around just for you! If you think actually doing the drill is hard, try being the officer giving the commands and trying to get you to do it correctly... that really is a challenge.

If you want a heads up on rifle drill, below is a wartime training video. As you'll see there is only really a few steps (rules) that need to be remembered. Easy huh?

This is broken down into:-
Order Arms
Port Arms

Inspection Arms - Lock Pieces

Trail Arms

Right Shoulder Arms

Left Shoulder Arms


The second video goes into further and more detailed steps. 
Such as:-
Parade Rest

Fix Bayonets - Unfix Bayonets (no cadence)

Sling Arms (no cadence) 

Unsling Arms - Adjust Slings (no cadence)
Rifle Salute

Present Arms

Stack Arms - *Stackmen*

Take Arms

without Arms Drill 

Now really these should be the other way around, but this is far more complicated with so many more rules that rifle drill. A good few watches of this should help, as the Sgt giving the lesson gives clear instructions and orders over and over, its even good to practice to. Broken down into the basics commands:-

Stand at Ease
Fall Out
Left Face
Right Face
About Face
Fall In - Close Interval
Eyes Left

Eyes Right
Hand Salute

You don't need to know any of this before hand, we'll try and teach you! It'll just look a little smarter if you do watch it and practice, but that's all down to you. 

There will be other training lessons of all sorts, however, you'll not be given advanced warning of what these'll be! We don't want anyone to swot up on everything before the events.