Don't be a Loz!

I know... you're probably wonder what the hell a 'Loz' is... well, this hobby is all about helping people gain knowledge and improve their impressions. Some people are happy to not have perfect impressions, some groups don't demand it and others do. All of which is totally fine.... but..... the Loz in question has other ideas, basically he knows best, what he says is correct and what anything else thinks is wrong. What he does is perfect and nobody can tell him other wise, despite it being blatantly obvious he hasn't got a clue and makes the most basic of errors in his impression. This new phrase that I'm adapting is different to a Farb, the average Farb doesn't care that he is wrong, he knows he is wrong and accepts it. A Loz will tell you he is right, tell you his impression is amazing and justify it with nonsense. Don't be either, but out of the two, at least be a Farb! 

This all came about this evening when someone asked an innocent questions on a F/B group where the mighty Loz is an admin. ALL HAIL THE LEADER! The question was nice and simple and we've all seen similar things before. 

Loz Q1.jpg

Jumping down the thread a bit, it starts to get a bit more interested than people just saying names of companies with no reason why.

Loz Q2.jpg

He starts to get upset that someone said that SOF M42's are not the best and only average. He asks people to explain which is best and why. Although even that first message is written in an odd way to already suggest that there is nothing better, or that we are wrong.

Loz Q3.jpg
Loz Q4.jpg

For anyone who doesn't know, 'Kay Canvas' is just a rebranding name of the products that SOF get made in Pakistan or China.  Sadly I didn't screen shot my full reply. I went on to say in short stay away form SOF webbing as it won't last and isn't great.  

Loz's next comment sort of contradicts himself a bit later. Suggesting that he isn't flush and doesn't have spare cash to pay for an ATF jump suit. He says in a coming message that he has more important things to spend his hard earned money on like his mortgage etc... we will come to the flip side to this later.

Loz Q5.jpg

Again, its annoying that I didn't open every comment full when screen shooting these, I knew that lots of us where going to get the chop from the group that was clear even at this point. So I did it in a rush! However, I wasn't going to stop from telling him the truth because it might hurt his fragile little ego, just to stay in a group led by a guy who really doesn't know what he is talking about and has an impression that is really lacking.

Loz Q6.jpg

This priceless screen shot above shows the delusion; "SOF M42s ARE one of the best on the market"... amazing that anyone can think they are one of the best. They are acceptable for a fair impression, this I said to him all along, but one of the best... seriously! 

Loz Q7.jpg

It turns interesting between Sam and Loz, when Loz suddenly announces that Sam is ignorant and offensive. Then pointed out by Daniel Hayward that he was in fact being all those things in the way he wrote that message to Sam.

Loz Q8.jpg

All of a sudden he back tracks... SOF is now decent priced 'middle of the road', not one of the best?!?! Oops, did he realise he made a mistake, surely if he did, he would say something like "guys, my mistake sorry, I got confused, I mixed up SOF and ATF"... nope. He just changes what he says; just as easy as he makes up history to suit his appearance. My pockets have nothing in them as its D-Day +10... doesn't explain how his jump suit is spotlessly clean despite being slept in for 9 nights or any number of other things which wouldn't make sense.

I thought progress was being made; when 'Pickles' steps in and advises the original poster of the thread to listen to Daz and Sam; who as he points out has vast knowledge in these 101st (and 82nd) re-enacting world and go into the craziest levels of detail in their own impression. 

Loz Q9.jpg

All of a sudden Lord Loz bangs up that comment (I know you can only see half of it, sorry) about WW2 Impressions being vastly overpriced and incorrect and that he has evidence. Maybe he does, I have no idea. However, it still doesn't mean that SOF is as good as ATF, but then again he flip flopped on that. To stop anyone replying to his rant and by staying in total control, he turns off the commenting as fast as humanly possible. Yet that wouldn't be the end of his cowardly approach to being an admin. hiding behind comments and stopping people from reply because he doesn't like the truth.

However... regardless of anything prior to this point... the next comment is fantastic.

"I like to do my WW2 impression correctly"... below are two pics of Loz. Now I'm not being mean, but does his words, match these photos! He also enforces his point in being correct by telling us he has "studied and portrayed WW2 re-enactment for over...." I think it was something stupid like 40 years. but lets just play it safe and say 5 days... sorry I meant years. 

Loz 1.jpg

This priceless photo above is claimed to be his impression of a 101st 'Pathfinder'. Clearly someone has already commented on his pockets before as he even mentions that in the title. So at D-Day +10, he has empty pockets? Makes little sense at all, other than a desperate attempt to justify this mediocre impression.

Next, the biggest worry is the no wool shirt, I'm sure he has an excuse for not wearing one, or maybe he will just tell us he is and that we are all stupid and don't know what we are talking about...


Of course he is a Sgt... say no more! He had to be a Sgt or a Cpt. 

So according t his own story, he has been in this uniform for ten days... wait a second... has that even had a CC2 treatment? Anyway, ten days of fighting, sleeping rough and yet his boots are spotless, he hasn't even knelt in anything, no mud on trousers, jacket, webbing, helmet... where did he serve these ten days... the battle of laundromat.

The weird black smudges on his face... usually done on pre-jump are still there? Yet the rest of his face and hands are clean... if you will invent a story to suit a bad appearance, please make it make some sense at least. Or just say, I know that's wrong, I will change that to improve myself. 

I do have to admire his bravery to wear a shoulder holster though. In the world of 101st re-enacting, this take some balls to even attempt that without ridicule. It goes nicely hand in hand with the cut up parachute silk that companies like SOF peddle out to anyone who that can fool in to buying it, then again... that guy in Band Wagon of Brothels did it, so every single 101st trooper did it too.

Loz 2.jpg
Loz 3.jpg

Then all of a sudden this appears on his group... which is basically full of lies and.... well crap.

Of course some people know more than others... or how would anyone learn? Not knowing someone has nothing to do with them knowing less or more? Nothing more than a random meaningless comment.

Debates are good (but if Loz doesn't agree he just sulks, gets mad and turns off the commenting... which is exactly what he did the very second he posted this so nobody could comment about his sulky childlike post.

Now there was no insults or personal comments made about him, he was the one who called Sam ignorant and told him to shut up amongst other things. Sadly again I miss the end to this post :( sorry. However it went on to say something along the lines that he has dealt with more WW2 militaria than people in that thread combined... which is also irrelevant, if not just total nonsense. How would touching lots of militaria suddenly transform a SOF M42 into something as good as ATF??? I'm sure that comment was as well thought out as the DDay+10 one...

Now you'd think with the fact he shuts the commenting down on everything that it could be the end of todays antic... think again. I thought I should share something nice on Loz's page, to give it something to take weirdness off the group from that nonsense about him being all butthurt over nothing. I still wonder how we got to this point! After all it is a well know fact that ATF's M42s are better than SOFs. So why did he get so mad? In fact his impression was never even mentioned in that whole thread. Its only being mentioned now as he made that ridiculous statement "I like to do my WW2 impression correctly" and having studied this subject! I do have to wonder how hard he really studied Call of Duty and Band of Brothers, because even that didn't pay off.

Loz 4.jpg

So I posted up a small grouping to an 82nd trooper who prior to joining the army was a terrible criminal and spent years in prison, was released and join the army, went into Normandy.. was badly wounded by shell fragment to the head. Shipped home via England, got into more trouble and joined up for Vietnam, he fought right from the start until the end and came out a Staff Sgt. The post was written out in full, with photos of all his items and documents and was well received. Sam made a comical comment which was like a spark in a gunpowder factory with him around. Clearly he is not the 'banter' type and is very sensitive, bless him. I couldn't help but respond with some humour, after all, we're all adults. Loz gets mad. Says if there are any more comments made then he would kick us. I would assume that to mean, that if either of us made a comment then that person would be kicked. However, I said nothing further and still got kicked. No loss as far as I'm concerned, I will stick to actual history; Loz can continue to play deluded dressing up. Each to their own, just don't pretend its anything but that and don't pass on this crap to others coming into the hobby.

The end... ooops, no quite... Sam sent Loz a message asking why he had been kicked from the group. Simple enough. The replies were just full of insults and threats of violence, not that Sam took any of it seriously …  in fact he took it about as seriously as Loz takes his WW2 impression.


SamLoz 3.jpg
SamLoz 4.jpg
SamLoz 2.jpg
SamLoz 1.jpg

All this coming from someone who was complaining that he was being insulted and comments were personal! This is a great example how NOT to be an admin. Hiding behind the block button so people can't publicly respond to you when you gob off. Then in private messages, you 


act like that. Fantastic... of course it ends in true Loz fashion of blocking before he can respond.

So to summarize... THAT is what a Loz is.