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HQ Company, 502nd P.I.R., 101st Airborne roster

If you are not listed on here and you are a member, I need details! Name, rank, serial number, unit and photo. Without those I can't add you! 

Colonel Dakota, Sherman 0-246813

Major Waldron, David 0-17438

Captain Davies, Gary 0-423411

1st Lt Mackay, Daniel 0-414333

1st Lt Byrne, David

Sgt Lovett, 'Pops' David 14210469

1st Sgt Easson, Conan 13111384

Corporal Stokes, Timothy 34718492

Technician 3rd Class Byrne, Mitchell

Pvt Mitchell, Neil

Pvt Stokes, Matthew 13721464

3rd Auxiliery Surgical Group Rosta

3d ASG patch.jpg

McCarten, Cindy

Captain Waldron, Monique N-724964

1st Lt Miles, Abbie N-790102

2nd Lt McCarten, Leah N-801251

3rd Auxiliery Surgical Group Rosta

Lt Lovett, Jillian L-205244

Lt Waldron, Lisa L-529481

Pvt Davies, Gary 34471018