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extreme relic hunters guide to German dogtags book


The guide to understanding German dog-tags is a simple to use guide in translating the  German abbreviations into units that make sense in English. As well as giving an overall history of dog-tags. 

extreme relic hunters men behind the militaria book

Relics of World War I and World War II

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This book covers some of the stories of the soldiers to whom some of the items we found once belonged too. Leading us on adventures that we never imagined. An interesting look at where relic hunting can lead and what you can discover about a soldier and reminding us that these soldiers were just everyday people.

This book contains the full Juno Beach Invasion plans for Normandy 3rd Canadian Division.

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£15 postage to the US

Dogtag compendium book erh extreme relic


The dog-tag compendium is planned to be the go-to book for everything dog-tag related. Containing in-depth details on World War 1 & 2 British dog-tags, German & American. As well as tags and ID bracelets from other nations including France, Belgium, Japan.
Also contains a section on the forgotten army dog-tag project and looks into the tags that were created and the soldiers whose details were put on them. 

79th division history story extreme reli


This newly printed version of the rare and hard to find 1945 printed unit history of the 79th Armoured Division is truly fantastic. It is rammed full of information on the soldiers, units and battles they fought. This has been reprinted in the same style as the original, warts and all. With the only changes being a paperback to keep costs down and the maps are printed across the pages and not pull out. Don't miss out, a snipped of the price of an original! Hardback can be printed if required. £30.

australia xmas 1917 ww1 front infantry c

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A reproduction of an impossible to find book, originally printed in 1917 as a gift that could be sent home to families of the soldiers. Contains cartoons, drawings with lots of wartime humour. A great way to have a copy of this rarely seen book. 

Our second hardback book, that has an amazing quality to it. This is volume 2 of the 'official' Canadian Machine Gun corps magazine. This book contains issues 10 to 18. Each contains information that was relevant for the serviving soldiers in the CMGC. Informations about the camps, sports, uniforms, news and stories submitted by the soldiers. A real wealth of untapped knowledge. Volume 1 is out of print for now!

1st Infantry Division book cover normand
4th Infantry Division book cover normand
101st airborne infantry book cover US WW

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29th Infantry Division US army book cove

After WW2 there was a whole series of these 40-50 page books published on all manner of US units from WW2. We have started to reproduce these to allow collectors, including myself to own a physical copy of these great books. A lot more of these too come! A great way to have a copy of these hard to source books and I will do my best to keep the prices right down, as always, these are made by a collector, for collectors...



Buy 3, get 4th free

487th bombardment group 8th air force b1

In solid hardback format, the original was hardback and it didn't seem right to do with gorgeous book in anything else. Over 200 pages, reprinted to look just like the original. Just like our other books, the paper is much better quality than the originals.


Contains all the details of the 487th Bombardment Group during World War II, from 22nd September 1942 to the 7th November 1945. 

Based at Lavenham in Suffolk, originally flying Liberators and then later moving on to Fortresses. 


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10th division US mountain history story

A reproduction of a hard to find book based on the US WW2 10th Mountain Division. Over 200 pages and rammed full of all manner of details information on this unit that served the bulk of the war in Italy. A great way to have a copy of this rare seen book. 


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Bramshott Souvenier Magazine 1914 1916 1

A reproduction of a near impossible to find book (magazine) with over 120 pages all based on the Canadians who were serving/utilising/based at Bramshott during WW1. It is rammed full information on individual units, as well as showing group photos and naming individual soldiers, very useful for those with an interest in Candian soldiers of WW1. Many troops would pass through this or the other camps next door on there to and from France. A great way to have a copy of this rarely seen book and very expensive book.


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german relic helmet latvia
relics stick grenade heads german
relics of ww1 ww2
Relics of WW1 & WW2 - Vol 1


We did contact a publisher over this but sadly never heard back, so we have decided to publish this ourselves. The first book to be published by ERH is in progress and is looking fantastic! It won't be too much longer before I can send the first copies off to be proof read.


The book will cover lots of the items I have found over the years of relic hunting and will include some of the more interesting ones found by others ERH members and purchased by us and put into our own private collections. Most items will only ever have been seen by members on the ERH group, so it will be good to share some of these remarkable finds and stories, with other collectors and relic hunters.

Now onto why this book is delayed -

A little warning to militaria collectors. I like many of you have been collection for some time. So my collection has grown and its fair to say that I have a collection to rival some museums. However, one day I Thames Valley Police force banging on my front door at 6am not only them, but the armed police too. Once they have arrested me, scared my kids and wife, I was taken to Banbury police station where I was accused of theft! I asked theft of what? They replied they didn't know. I asked, where from then? They didn't know that either. I asked what they planned to do next. I was told they were going to look around my house. At this point I laughed my head off and knew right there and then that it was something I didn't have to take seriously. They kicked my family out of our house for almost a week. When we were allowed home, 99% of my collection was missing. All of it was taken by the police to be interrogated. I was on bail and my charges were as follows... Theft (although they didn't know of what), having a live firearm (I didn't own any), having a section 5 firearm component (I didn't have that either), making things into firearms (who only knows where this came from) and some other crap. They also took my laptop, my wife's laptop, digital cameras, hard-drives, passports, bank books, post, they also took every digital copy of this book and every hard proof copy. Now that is why it is delayed. After a year, they final admitted defeat and dropped all charges. When they returned, sorry wrong word. I had to go and get it all, my items. I soon noticed plenty that was missing. From dog-tags, insignia, SOE items, shells, grenades, mortars, you name it, they claim to have blown it up. Despite it all being empty, inert and safe and legal to own. So be warned. They can take your stuff away, they can destroy it. Guess what, you can't do anything about it. Did I get compensation for my thousands of pounds of missing items, did I get a sorry for all the hassle, of course not.

German ww2 dog-tags dogtag
ERH Guide to German Dogtags
How often have you ever looked at a German dog-tag, either online or in your collection and wondered what on earth all those abbreviations mean? Well, wonder no more with ERH's first guide book. It covers all the German abbreviations and translates them into English words that can be combined to decode a dog-tags details. Giving you a unit type and name that you can now research and find out where it went.
Hundreds of photos and illustrations help you understand all there is to know about the German system of marking dog-tags. Also these can commonly be found in Werhpasses and Soldbuchs too! The book also starts with an explanation on the history of dog-tags and identity tags and methods.
These are always listed on Ebay, or email the website address on the contacts page. £14.99. 
Men behind the militaria book Sgt Louis Sarube
The Men behind the Militaria 

With the success in publishing the 1st ERH book (Guide to German dog-tags), I started work on something a little more interesting to a wide audience and would also contain a lot more exciting text. The idea came from always hearing the same thing when talking about an item of militaria, I'm sure we've all said it "Imagine if this **** could talk, imagine the stories it could tell". Of course not every item has a story, but what if some of the items could reveal their stories.


This is a compilation of some of the results of my research into many of my own finds. They have lead me down so many different paths and never in a million years would I expect to be trying to get a soldiers name added to a war memorial after he died a 100 years ago! The book contains soldiers from both World Wars and from different nations.