All Fronts Re-enactment Association

Such is the way of the world now that you need insurance for everything... and it would seem it is never about covering you, but other idiots in the world who do stupid things... like the public! There are many ways to get insurance for re-enacting, but they invariably work out more expensive and less specialist than going through AFRA. Each member is to have their own insurance and we strongly recommend going through them as it is the best value for money and by far the easiest. 

Their goal has been to underpin the hobby. For many years now they have grown in size to accommodate a wide range of living historians and re-enactors covering the whole of the 20th Century and beyond. What they offer is for anyone to become a member and be covered by their Public Liability Insurance (PLI). They do not offer insurance policies for sale, but just like any other re-enactment association or group if you join you'll simply covered by their*. (reworded, but the information comes direct from the AFRA website)

They do not interfere with your group's day-to-day running, they do not tell you when and where you can go. We keep to our own rules and regulations.

When contacting them, please remember that this is not their full time job, they have their own lives, their own interests and their own time. They deal with things as quickly as they can but remember they are just like you. 

I always hears lots of people tell me that they tried to join AFRA, but never heard back from them. Yes, I believe there are reasons for this. If you're serious about re-enacting though, like everything it takes some effort. When I mention 'effort' I'm not talking about a Herculian task of some kind. Simply message one of the AFRA folks on F/B and they can look into your membership. If your joining us, then I can give them a little nod to confirm that your one of us and not a nut job who wants to stock pile lethal BB guns... (we'll save that VCR Bill for a rant another day!) Without joining AFRA you cannot and will not be allowed to come to any events with the group. This is for you as much as it is us... blame the sorts of people who puts cats in ovens to dry them and then take the company who made the cooker to court because there was no instructions on the cooker to tell them they shouldn't do that... yes, you know the sorts of people I mean!

The most important thing after submitting the form on their website is to join their Facebook group and make contact with them.

I should know how much I paid for my membership, but my memory is terrible and too be honest, why worry about it... for without it there is no hobby. I think its around £20 though and you save a little each year when you renew it, as long as you do it in December (I think!).

This was brought to my attention the other day on the group Facebook chat.

In light of the poor season you have experienced this year the executive want to offer you a discount on renewal for 2021. Between 1st November and 31st January renewal will be £5.50.

We cant guarantee the season will be any better in 2021, if you chose to renew you will have a couple of extra quid in the bank.

It is only for renewal, a thank you for sticking with AFRA, new members will still be at the full price. As will renewals received before or after the posted dates.

Result! What a season this year has been, a single meet up, although we'll see if we can get another one in before the year ends. Although, lets not mention Covid or you'll just give me something else to rant about.