Adrian at AKM Militaria page 2...


I love the idea that he considers me a troll... cares actually care that they get a reaction. Anyone who knows me, understands that I really don't care what anyone thinks. If you love what I write, 'wonderful', if you don't like it, 'wonderful'... in fact I'm not too interested if people read this or not. Its not in my interest is it. Apoligies for the blunt honesty! Some of you probably won't recognise honesty in this thread... 

I'm know for a lot of things, some good and some bad. The only people who think I'm a absolute prick are the three main people listed on this website. Steve 'me me me' Taylor, who likes to call up Adrian and tell him what I write about him. Snitch to the core. Last the other person in the ERH people list, as he has gone quite and isn't causing me any more griet, I won't mention his name. Of course I'm sure there are other people who think I'm a prize twat; some days even I agree with them. But, known for causing shit and being a troll... I think not. 


Anyone else love the comment that I am the most hated person in the militaria world... yup, you got it, I'm hated by all those people I return dogtags too, the people in museums I donate items too hate me also, so do the members of families to whose family member I had added onto a war memorial... lets not forget all the people who buy the odd item from me and actually get them. I would love to have a chat with all these thousands of people who hate me... in fact... message me and I will post the message up on here, as long as they are not pure fiction, bullshit nonsense... 


One second he wants this all taken down and invents imaginary solicitors... the next he doesn't care what I write and post... he also gets angry when I post things about him... but at the same time doesn't care and swears at me in public... I think he lies so much that it even confuses him.


well funk me sideways... that didn't take long 14/08/2020

Remeber, he doesn't care what I write, yet gets angry about it? confused much, must be all the drugs he 'doesn't' take. 


Instead of addressing any of the dozens of complaints from customers and supplies of people not getting stock or paid, he simply likes to shout about me being a big bad nasty troll. At the same time having no clue what so ever what a troll is. A 'troll' writes to get a reaction from someone, they like to see the frustration and anger, I write to stop people  getting cheated and conned. I don't want to see a reaction from Adrian, I neither care or don't care what he thinks. If he pays customers back the money he owes them, pays his supplies for stock and deals hes gone back on, then I will let you know that he has changed and for the better. I am impartial to this. I write what I see online that others have said, like sharing the reviews that others have written. As he quite rightly points out, I have only purchased from him once and he is correct I did get a good deal. Although now I find out that he didn't find the Tellers mines he told me he had. A team in Finland did and he didn't pay them the cut of the money that he said he would give them. So I got a good deal and he kept all of the the money for himself. I said all along, that based on the reviews online, that clearly suggest that he doesn't post everything people pay for, to only buy from him at shows. I still stand by this and I know others who also say the exact same thing. He does get some great items, again I commend him for doing that.

What is bizzare is the way he deals with anything negative, its like its so personal. If a deal goes to shit for what ever reason, just give them alternative stock, if that fails, then give the customer back their money. It really is that easy, however as the reviews who, as soon as there is a problem all the stories start. Again Adrian does nothing in any of his post slating me to address any of these points raised by others.

I have written two proper reviews about 2 businesses, both of which you can read on this website... there is a page where I discuss other dealers and its a mixed bag of good and bad. Oddly enough none of those have had a tempertantrum like Adrian.

I did like the misquote that he claims he said. What he said was "Dan, get the fuck away from my pitch", there was nothing after that. Despite him trying to boost his ego and playing to his crowd. As for running, I made a comment about clearly he didn't want to sell any stock and I sure as hell wasn't going to help him. I turn and walked off. Apparently it was him who was spitting feathers and furious and if he saw me again he was going to 'do me in'. Needless to say, he would have seen me dozens of times and yet neither him, nor his much needed bodyguards came and 'got me'.

Now its interesting to see him only mention me a Tyler. He likes to keep saying that Tyler is my best mate and that he is 'up my arse'. Interesting as I booted Tyler out of my F/B group years ago. I think we disagreed about something and so like many others he was given the boot. I can't remember why and I vaguely remember getting pissed off with him about something. It can't have been important or I would remember and I sure as hell wouldn't have kept him as a 'friend' on Facebook. Adrians main gripe seems to be that I only purchase 1 item from him and Tyler hasn't purchased any and because of this we are not entitled to discuss his business. Despite him keeping money/stock from people we know.

I will tell you what Adrian. Pay everyone back what you owe and I will not only never write about you again. I will delete this entire thread. 

The childish personal jibs, refering to people as 'pigs', 'idiots', 'morons' only goes to lower the value of everything you have written.

Just do the write thing. Give people their money back


Of course you think its a waste of time to debate, despite never speaking to me over anything; you won't address any situtation with a single customer that you owe money too. Instead the stories start. Interesting he thinks that I would be interested that he has either fake accounts in some of my groups or on my friends list. Yippee... so if your reading what I'm writing, why not give people back the money /stock you owe? You only see this as a personnel attack... where really it's almost the opposite, its helping prevent others from being cheated and the fact you have an issue with that and don't address the issues raise by customers in itself is rather damning. 

So Adrian, (who doesn't care about what I write, but does, but doesn't, but does) please note the following :-

These reviews I shared are not mine.
I tell people to buy from you.

I tell people you have good stock.

So should people listen to me or not?

Illegal... oh please! Straws...clutching... much....

Just remember... Quote "As far as I'm concerned its a done and dusted story to me"... so how long until he spends more time complaining (despite the 'fact' he doesn't care and is 'done' with me), and less time dealing with the people he owes money to. Although 'less' would imply that he refunds anyone.

If you have ever had a refund/problem resolved, I would like to know.