Well as per usual the internet never fails to entertain me with the people on it. Now I quite like Adrian, hes a nice bloke when you meet him. (there is a reason that line is now in bold, I will refer back to this in the section later 'titled oh dear....and it's time for another update... some people do not learn...) However... his online dealings are simply dire. Most people who prchase from him sadly are let down and fed a huge pack of stories before a lenghty wait that can sometimes only result in getting your money back.

Adrian started AKM and his company grew rapidly and everyone know of his great service, items were flying out. However at some point his name started to get mentioned over and over on many different F/B groups, but this time not in a good way. Buyers were getting sick of the same excuses posted over and over. So why have I decided to write this now, well today a friend of mine was given the run around yet again by Adrian. Dispute being the most patient person I have ever met, he finally had enough! He posted his thoughts on F/B and as soon as he went public, Adrian jumped to his feet and refunded the money and asked for everything to be taken down to save what is left of his reputation... although, its probably a little late for that. For even a quick goggle search leaves even the most guilable left feeling that they might not get what they purchase. The deciding point to writing this was when he started making threats of making legal action... hmmm... where have we seen this before? Oh yeah, dimwit Russell. Remind me how that went again!

So, lets look at some of the comments that Adrian claims are all fake and just people who are out to get him post. 

I was going to screen shot them, but by god that would take me years as there is so many! So you'll have to put up with copy and paste...

Wayne Schutts, Oct 26, 2019

Absolutely horrible experience

Wow, where to start? I placed an order Aug.18 and never received it. Adrian consistently provided conflicting shipping and delivery dates. He also would not provide proof of shipping or valid tracking information. After numerous requests for tracking information I was given DPD Local DPD3157516. This was created 10 days before I even placed my order and where ever it went, it was delivered on Oct.16 but not to me. I contacted DPD Local and they couldn’t find it tracking number in their computer AND they told me I should have a tracking number beginning with 155. They also said with the 155 tracking number I could follow it all the way from the U.K. to my house. I asked Adrian for that number and he responded that my package was with a DPD partner in the USA and there would be a new tracking number. I asked when I would get the tracking information and I was told it was with Amarex and they would deliver. I contacted Amarex and they told me if the package was sent using Amarex UK they would deliver to me. I told Adrian this and he stopped responding to my emails. I originally posted a 1 star review on Oct. 7 and he called me the next day assuring me the package would be delivered by Oct.17 which didn’t happen. His primary concern was the poor review being taken down and providing more excuses to include blaming his staff for responding to my questions. His staff never once identified themselves as anyone besides Adrian and the reply’s were consistent to the vague answers I received from him. It is truly unfortunate that a simple valid tracking number could not be provided. I’ve never had such a frustrating or terrible experience when ordering from Europe or Asia. This review may be called “fake”or some excuse will be given which I don’t care because I will never try to do business with this company again. PLEASE FOLLOW THE LINK ADRIAN PROVIDED FOR THE “TRACKING INFORMATION” I WAS GIVEN AND YOU WILL SEE IT SHOWS DELIVERED ON OCTOBER 16 AT 1504. HE THEN SAYS IT IS CURRENTLY IN PENNSYLVANIA AND WILL BE DELIVERED BY AMAREX. I KNEW THIS WOULD BE MY FAULT SOMEHOW. As far as when we are emailing each other between 2pm-3pm UK time and you just stop responding without closing the conversation what am I suppose to think? I’d still like to know how Adrian can see my package in Pennsylvania yet he cannot give me proof of shipping or the tracking number he’s using to see this.
26OCT2019 I received my money back through my bank on the 18th. I again contacted DPD Local on Oct. 21 and they assured me that when their tracking shows delivered, it is at its final destination. It absolutely is not being handed off to a delivery partner, it is at its final delivery address. If a counter claim was done nothing came of it as I received my money the day I filed it. I still have not received ANY proof of shipping or tracking information for the supposed Amarex delivery. I was told the tracking would be texted to me on Oct.18. and as the parcel could no longer be diverted I would receive it. Screen shots of DPD Local and all email correspondence have been saved as proof. I strongly suggest you do the same. Refund was issued by bank, I verified with them today. Adrian did not issue any refund. The only thing I received from him was a tracking number for a package that was delivered to someone else on Oct.16 and an email stating the package could no longer be diverted. The excuses and stories never end. I would love to get the “receipt” for the refund issued by you. Oh wait if I’d only be a little more patient I’ll never receive it but I will receive more excuses and blame. Thanks but no thanks. All I can hope is that just one person looks at the reviews here and on your Facebook page as I should have and doesn’t try and do business with you. Of course you’ll just say they are all fake and it’s the buyers fault. How many edits have you done? Where’s that proof of shipping? Still haven’t seen it, can you produce it now?

Craig Watson, Mar 27, 2020

Terrible service

Terrible service. Mar 27, 2020

Example 1 - I paid for item on 4th January 2020 however it never arrived. Lots of chasing [17.01.20, 28.01.20, 29.01.20, 30.01.20, 12.02.20, 13.02.20 & 14.02.20] regarding delivery and he claims it was posted [17.01.20]. Asked for evidence of tracking and no response. Asked for refund [24.02.20, 14.03.20, 19.03.20 & 20.03.20] and no refund received. I have had to waste time filling in forms and posting a claim to my credit card company to receive a refund, which I have not received yet.


1) He claims that the reason he has not responded is because of not using WhatsApp; despite this I received 8 messages from him via WhatsApp within 30 minutes of leaving my review. One was a request for me to remove the review. I guess his WhatsApp only works when he wants something.

2) I did not speak to him as he claims.

3) I wasted further time to check if I had received a refund confirmation as he claims. None received except for one now received via email (post review).

4) I note that I am now blocked, but it is good to see that he acknowledges that there have been repeat problems with purchases.

5) No idea what the items are he is referring to that I did not buy.

6) Finally, I do not like leaving such reviews, but I got so fed up with wasting time. Look at other people’s reviews...interesting how there are so many similar problems.

Example 2 - I have purchased items based on photographs on the website and when the items have arrived, they have been different [worse condition] to the ones advertised or without components of the item advertised and shown in the photographs. Correspondence: 28.01.19, 2.02.19, 04.02.19 & 16.07.19.

Example 3 - December 2019 - Purchased numerous items and it took weeks for them to arrive and this was only after me chasing over and over again. Correspondence: See other examples & 04.12.19, 05.12.19 & 06.12.19.

Example 4: Promised refund for items and no refund received. Correspondence: 25.03.19, 28.03.19, 04.04.19, 05.04.19 &

What frustrates me is that I have been a good customer and purchased a number of items over the years, but I have had enough now, I am fed up of the poor customer service, not receiving what I ordered [as photograph of item on website], not receiving what I paid for and having to repeatedly chase for delivery dates, refunds etc.

Mervin Tims Mar 15, 2020

Beware of doing business with this seller

Had dealt with Adrian before and that went ok. But my last order to him made on 9 February failed to arrive. I sent emails, but no reply. I rang, and no reply. So rang again another day and was told my item had been sent back to him by royal mail and he was sending it to me by first class post the next day. Excuses, excuses. I waited, and nothing arrived. Further emails to him were ignored. My request for refund was ignored. So i got in touch with bank and got my money back through them.
So beware of doing business with Adrian at Akm Militaria.

Rob Hildyard, Mar 7, 2020

Buyer Beware!

Awful experience, I strongly recommend you do not buy from this website/seller.

Made a purchase on 29th January and despite leaving several messages via email and Facebook Messenger got absolutely no news regarding the whereabouts of my item.

I eventually got one unsatisfactory reply claiming he'd chase up Royal Mail to find out where this item was, but no follow up afterwards.

I requested a refund but this was ignored, as were my messages asking for a tracking number etc. Absolutely no communication skills whatsoever.

In the end I had to contact my credit card company to get them to reverse the payment which they did for me yesterday (6th March).

Happy to take your money but not actually post your item(s). I've just read other reviews that state the same, and I wish I'd seen these before parting with my cash.

You have been warned!

Stu, Mar 8, 2020

Waiting and waiting...

Ordered an item on the 21st February thats not arrived. No response from Adrian to query about its whereabouts or a tracking number so i can chase it up myself.

Not the first time this has happened either. Getting fed up of having to basically run around middering this guy for items I've paid for. Its bad business practice.

Reply from Akm Militaria
An hour ago
Item has been shipped via royal mail second class recorded and signed for around one week ago. I suggest you contact royal mail before posting a review. We have send an item and provided tracking. At this point you have been banned form using AKM Militaria site.

My Response.
Am i suspposed to be psychic? When you buy it says UPS will ship item. How am i supposed know who has it if you don't supply a tracking number or carrier details. Its a joke! Post the tracking number up on here so i can track it now ! Royal mail will not even handle inert munitions its against company policy.

As for the ban I'd have to be thick to purchase anything else from you anyway. You treat your customers like fools!


When someone cannot supply you with something as simple as a tracking number it usually means they haven't sent it. Dozens of people all saying the same things on here and getting called liars.
If someone was calling me a liar I'd produce tracking details to end any speculation but of course he can't as it was never posted.

Kevin Ellis, Feb 29, 2020

Still waiting for response from seller…

Still waiting for response from seller , no tracking number and emails about tracking number :(
Contacting credit card company and PayPal together my money back
Run from this seller

Matt, Feb 19, 2020

Beware of this seller.

Similar issues to other reviewers, received an item with a missing part, contacted Adrian who said missing item was packaged and ready to be sent. Nothing received, ignored emails until he finely stated I could send the item back or he would send the missing part, I asked him to send missing part, another few emails ignored he stated he had to buy the missing item. Even though he was still selling the same item on his website. All lies,still nothing received. Had bought other items previously with no issue but will never buy from him again.
Beware when buying from this company, there are other more reliable sellers.
Seller contacted me for order number ect, this was given, but yet again no further contact or resolution. Usual from this company.

Clipper88 Mar 5, 2020



Same experience as the other bad reviews here. He takes your money then nothing arrives, this is followed by a host of excuses. I've never known anyone to have as much bad luck as Adrian! He also provides fake tracking numbers, anything to buy him some time. I'm really not too sure what his aim is, perhaps he hopes people will simply give up. Be very wary, do not get drawn in by the flash sales he sends you through his mailing list. In a time when ww2 items are becoming increasingly rarer it's very sad that people like this exist. He really is an insult to the trade and I urge anyone still owed money by him not to give up. After much wasted time I have finally been refunded.

Thanks for your response Adrian and also for reporting my review as fake. Now that I have provided Trustpilot with the relevant info I don't see how you can still suggest this is a fake review. I have chosen to remain anonymous as I want no further dealings with you.

Jan 13, 2020

Be careful buying anything from this company

I ordered and paid for an item 01JUN19, never received anything. I had to threaten to report the case to Action Fraud (which I now have done) to get an answer to my questions about the shipment. 13NOV19 he promised me a refund, have not received this still. Be careful before you buy anything from this company.

Matus Martiska, Jan 8, 2020

I have ordered and paid my militaria…

I have ordered and paid my militaria stuff from AKM back in August 2019. Adrian has been several times informing me that the parcel had been sent. Just lies. In December I received part of my order and I still waiting for the more expensive rest. Currently he does not reply at all. Not recommending at all!

Glen O'Sullivan, Dec 30, 2019

Avoid this bloke

Avoid this bloke. Would like to give zero.
I having been chasing and waiting nearly 4 months now for him to send a piece of string but he has still not managed to, despite telling me numerous times he was tomorrow etc & giving every excuse he could think of. Unbelievable, annoying and a waste of my time

Brian Dec 28, 2019

Avoid at all costs

Avoid at all costs. I paid for a helmet well over 3 weeks ago and have still not received it. I have had to do all the chasing as this guys communication is shocking. First he blames Hermes then he says it’s all sorted and it’s on its way. Then I discover it’s not been posted , next he declares we will get our parcels before Christmas as he is using UPS , after me chasing again I finally get the tracking number , all he’s done is print a label and UPS have no record of the parcel !! I then discover he doesn’t post anything between the 19th of December to the 3rd of January. I really am confused with all the broken promises and stories . On a lighter note he did offer a refund and I am now supposedly going to get two helmets for free !! But I’m not holding out any hope on theses actually arriving. I am amazed that he runs a business like this.

Alliastar Pearce, Dec 11, 2019

Some of the worst customer service i…

Some of the worst customer service i have experienced . The owner has masterd the art of the excuse .
It has taken a lot of poor service to loose me as a customer but somehow you have managed it .

Manu, Jan 4, 2020


- Non compliant object..( Received disassembled with hammer, chisel and pliers.. Just good for scrap.)
- Supposedly new shipment never received with a ghost tracking number DHL.
- Forced to threaten for get a refund after 40 days.
AKM or Adrian Kostromski is not trustworthy...
...He lost a client but you are free to risk....!!

Eric, Dec 5, 2019

My money taken but no goods received

I placed an order, paid for it and 6 weeks later I have still received NOTHING. Adrian answered my emails on different occasions with: I'll despatch as soon as possible; I'll despatch it tomorrow; I'll despatch it this week; It has been shipped; It will be with you on Tuesday; And most recently - I've posted it now.

The excuses: I was away; I returned from France yesterday; I'll send you details when I get to the office at 1pm (never heard anything); I am in France right now (again?); I relocated from London to Kent and this delayed everything.

The cheapest and slowest delivery to me from the UK takes one week max. I asked for a refund and was told that I could keep the order - along with a couple of extra bits he allegedly threw in. But I have received NOTHING.

The guy has been untruthful by any standard. This is no way to run a business and I cannot recommend that anyone do business with him or his company. Unprofessional. Untrustworthy.

Edit: 05 December - the refund was received today. But still no sign of the goods which he maintains were sent.

Aug 31, 2019

AKM were is my Money?

AKM were is my Money?

I'm still waiting for my money. which you stated you send a couple of times in different occasions,, different accounts. and different days.

this is no fake profile.
I'm your ex client from Malta, whom you tretend to remove from your account.

waiting for the refund.


Aug 25, 2019













Gary King, Jun 24, 2019

I think I most be the unlucky person to…

I think I most be the unlucky person to have bought from this website ... The first time I was told my items where sent ??? Then they got lost after 3 weeks they arrived !!! After emails and Texts .... I bought another item last month I never got it .... I was yet again told he was away buying then the item wasn't sent .... And now I was told I would get a full refund nothing !!!!! I will never buy from this website again...

...and I could carry on posting these stunning reviews for almost as much space is on the internet... its interesting to note that all the bad reviews, Adrian likes to claim are all fake. Yet the 'good' reviews are short, basic and to the point. Sadly, I know which reviews I tend to believe in more. 

What I did find amusing is the effort the people have been going to because of how frustrated and how let down they are. These comical bits of artwork speak all about the problems that lots have faced when trying to simply purchase militaria from AKM.

akm Adrian Kostromski conman 1.jpg
akm Adrian Kostromski conman 5.jpg
akm Adrian Kostromski conman 3.jpg
akm Adrian Kostromski conman 2.jpg
akm Adrian Kostromski conman 4.jpg
akm Adrian Kostromski conman 6.jpg

Clearly a lot of the collecting world is rather pissed off! For people to bother to go to the effort of creating things like this, for whatever reason or purpose takes time.

Now as if his 'business' isn't enough to write about, he was also a part of the original 'Nazi Hunters' TV show that got so much love and attention when the History Channel first aired there trailor. Instantly getting hate mail from all around the globe. His other two co-hosts were Stephen Taylor who already has his own page on the website and Criag Gottleib, who also has a huge amount of bad press online for his scams and faking of militaria. However, without looking into his further, I remain neutral on what ever he is or isn't up to. 



Nazi War Diggers – Craig Gottleib, Stephen Taylor, Kris Rodgers and Adrian Kostromski – Published in the public domain on Craig Gottleibs facebook profile.

I was about to close off here, but then was told about more glowing reports of Adrian on Wehrmacht Awards Forum.


What amused me on here is that he says the same rubbish that he is spouting today... if you dare say anything negative, he starts shouting you down, says either that he fears for his safety and feels endangered (poor delicate sole) or he goes the other typical route and threaterns to get more imaginary solictors on people. I'm sure I should look forward to some of those letters in the future, let again as they will not be worthy of the paper that they would be printed on, all I will do with them is post thme up on here for the world to see. As well as any garbage message that I get from the man himself. After all, there is always a shortage of things to write about, so it's nice to be given free easy to publish content. 

However, feel free to try and buy from the AKM website, just tread carefully, even if you use Paypal, you will not be covered with thier buyers protection as this doesn't cover munitions...most of the time it barely covers militaria of any degree. My advice would be, to only buy from him at shows. He does have some good stock, he is a nice bloke to deal with and he does know his stuff.... but when it comes to mailing things.... forget it!

akm 2.jpg
akm 1.jpg
akm 4.jpg
akm 3.jpg

oh dear....

and it's time for another update... some people do not learn...



Firstly, I haven't updated this in ages as I thought that as his stupid lies about getting a solicitor to 'do me over' and 'sort me out' were nothing more than childish dribble and temper-tantrum style crying. He repeatedly tells everyone that his solictor has written me a letter. In fact over a month ago he told people that he had to pay a huge £6 to mail the letter to me, registered mail. Well in over a month... just like the bulk other items he claims to have mail NEVER TURNED UP! Unlike alot of you guys... I luckily didn't pay for the letter or the postage. So, from this I can only assume that like all the other tall tails he spins, this is more absolute bullshit. I doubt that any solictor in their right mind would ask thier client to post the letter for them. Just a side note Adrian... if you had paid a solictor, it wouldn't be the £6 postage you'd be crying about, it would have been the £100 for them to write the letter in the first place... at least try and make your fairy tales believable... sings the theme song to the "Neverending story......"

So, whats prompted this sudden update. Well today I was at the good old chat Militaria fair. Who do we see trading, not hiding today, like he has appently been doing. That amused me no end. Alan still likes to deal 

adrian chatham.jpg

with him, but ONLY ever in person, so we went over. He clocked who I was, despite my amusing 'cat' mask and because he had some huge 'bongo the gorilla' style body-guards with him; he blurted out "Dan, get off my fucking pitch!". I laughed at him and said, "well if you don't want to sell your stuff that's your business" and walked off laughing. I took a few steps, stopped, got out my phone and posted on a few different Facebook groups to let the world know where he was, that he is still trading despite rumours of him stopping again. Again, more make believe that gets spread around so that he can attempt to hide from all the people that he owes money too.

Within moments of posing that, I got messages about him. What a surprise... his 'fan' club is still waiting in the wings to hear more glowing news about him.

I left Alan there to talk to him, I did he had a few lovely things to say about me. However, unlike what I write... his is just anger of me telling the truth, unlike the fabricated nonsense he regurgates. 

So, the original opening like on this page is "Now I quite like Adrian, hes a nice bloke when you meet him", I wasn't going to take that down, as history is history and I did feel like

and as I'm not Facebook I won't just try and edit the past. However, that statement is now untrue, I think that guy is a total tool. He's shown his true colours, if he can't get his own way, first he will threatern you, then sulk, hide until away until he has hired gorillas with him and then and only then will be brave enough to say  little more than "go away". Jeeez... what will he threatern me with next... another letter from an imaginary solicitor? Maybe his goons will come visit me. However, until that happens, here is some other joys from the internet that were sent to me about Adrian.

This was posted up in a F/B group called Relics of war -

….Well if like many of us you are still owed Money or goods from AKM militaria, don't hold your breath, his lock up as been sold off with contents, that belonged to another dealer inside, because he owed rent, like us and many of our friends, Adrian Kostromski has owed us goods and Money for over 12 months, I think getting your money or goods, you have more chance of finding rocking horse poop, if Adrian offers you money or goods, do not part with cash or exchange goods unless you can physically hold it in your hands, just a warning to all genuine collectors and dealers.

Another glowing refference for AKM.

Then I had message from other people who were talking to Adrian who was getting all upset that people were discussing his antics...


These come from another admin of a F/B who tries to warn people about Adrians antics, however then Adrian finds out and then the nonsense begins all over again.

Whilst his first two points are true, it has no importance of warning others! 

"Bullshit statements" - please note are all true statements and the people who make these statements can almost all be contacted and spoken with.

and my favorite line, resorting to the meaningless threats "My 'attonery' will be in touch"... first;y why is he talking like he is on an American cop show. Attorney! Do you mean solictor... and will this be in the same speedy manner as the one that is supposidly wrote to me a month ago!

Lets firstly admire the next comment in its entirity. "Dan made bullshit"... nope. I told the truth and shared comments, memes and views of others. I didn't actually say anything about you except that I did think you were a good guy... this of course has changed. I think your a bottom feeder, lowlife cheat, thief and scum bag... I hope your happy now that you've force me to tell the thruth. It's my opinion and no, a solicitor will not be interested in my opinion. That is, even if you had one. However, feel free to spend thousands of pounds to try get one to get me to take this all down... to which even if you did... it would all go up somewhere else. However, your the business man (snigger), so you'll know best what to do.

I'm sure the person in the conversation after being threatern with legal action is devastated that he has lost Adrians respect. "That'll be it from me"... that'll be what exactly. End of lying and story telling, the end of cheating people, end of hiding in vans?

Email will follow... I bet your shiiting your pants... should this amazing email ever get to you. Please send me a copy. Love to see it, it'll probably be written in virtual crayon.


I know that this thing with Arno has being going on for ages, Adrian just isn't dealing with it. As much as you all know my views of the idiots in blue, I think that it would be his only chance of ever seeing his many again.


It seems that there is a growing list of people that Adrian doesn't like and theaterns them with anything... now he is reporting people to the police that he doesn't like. Well they say truth hurts, maybe Adrians considers it assualt.

Andrew Abbott 18 june 2020

I ordered a 'relic of a German Greene 98 rifle' order no 11255 which failed to arrive, after many phone calls and e mail's with promises of delivery which did not happen, eventually 8 weeks later I received a delivery.
However the item sent was not what had been ordered but a different relic rifle. I contacted Adrian and was promised a part refund of £25 for being sent the wrong goods.
This was never received. I contacted Adrian again and he promised to send 'cash in an envelope' as the refund to my bank account had not been made. This was not received.
To date my refund has never been received. It has been over 6 months now, I have copies of all e mails and Adrian now fails to reply to e mail.
I don't understand how a business can operate legally when it has supplied the wrong goods, offered a part refund for their error and then failed to to pay up.


At least this isn't a bad comment for Adrian this time. Although you have to wonder what happened exactly!

wow... well it didn't take long before I had to update again... 12/08/2020

I have been reliably informed that when he's not screwing over his so called friends and fellow dealers, he spends his time harrasing those who have spoken out against him. He has started today by hounding another dealer with pointless time wasting phone calls and messages, not just from himself but also his 'friends'. I can only assume that they are either wankered on cheap vodka or drugged to the eyeballs as there really is no other reason for such childish behavoir. For someone who considers them self a proffiessional militaria dealer and likes to brag about how much money they make, he certainly couldn't act any further from this if he tried.

What started out like a regular enquiry about items for sale, soon just turned out to be just a time wasting excercise. Once Tyler sussed this he stopped answering. Of course that didn't stop the messages coming in. 


As far as I know all these were just ignored, this clearly wasn't accepted well. Just like a petulant child, the sulking and effort to 'win' and have the last word was only increased. 

With no reply to the preevious number being obtains, the calls then started to come in from withheld numbers... as if anyone would be stupid enough to not be able to connect the two things! In fact you'd have to be pretty dim to even think that anyone would fall for that and answer. Then again... you'd have to beb stupid to believe all the lies and stories that gets passed about. If only refunds were as forthcoming as stories. Maybe a career in childrens literature would suit, more than a life as a crimi....... dealer.


I do wonder, what's next and how far this non-sense will go. I think by now, you've worked out that that if you act like an irresposible con-man, cheat, steal, lie, telling stories, keep money, keep stock, harrass people, that it'll all just keep being put up here. Hate me all you like, I only write the things you do. If you were to actually give people the items back, give refunds to those who you have money to... then that would go up too... at the moment. I don't have a positive thing to say. Maybe one day... or maybe not!


I'm sure the irony isn't lost on you all with that last screen shot on several of those lines...


I love how I get dragged into this, I will remind you all again, that Adrian doesn't owe me any money or any items. I am simply making people aware that he isn't exactly the most trustworth dealer (putting it mildly) and unlike his intentions... my interest is the hobby. I am only doing this make people aware that if you buy online from him, there seems to be a very good chance that you will recieve nothing but excuses and stories... and don't hold your breath for a refund either...

Well.... on and on it goes... poor Tyler who got caught up with Adrian tonight in a non-stop barrage of messages and insults. Somehow I get dragged in it. I mean, really. What did I do? The full conversation between them both is below. Adrian even kindly said that he doesn't care what I post about him, so that's nice. Although why he was so butt hurt and angry at Chatham the other day is confusing... either he does care, or hes lying... I will let you guess which is the case.