Extreme Relic Hunters

How the group came about, our adventures, our finds and who to avoid in the hobby.

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Pretty self explantory, contains lots of information, including cartridge markings, webbing medals and all the German manufacturers codes.

Buying militaria, especially German items is become more and more of a problem now. The fakes that are out there getting of a better and better quality. Some dealers will sell out right fakes, others don't know any better and others and out and out crooks. This is a work in progress and your input in this is vital. Feel free to contact me with all information, good or bad about dealers, so we can educate other collectors.

We fund most of our projects by the sale from the books we have written and reproduced.

                                             Testimonies to our work


"We want to thank you very much for returning my Dad's dog tags. As Katy discovered my Dad now has dementia & my Mum going the same way, however the tags have brought the memories flooding back as my Mum remembers stories that Dad obviously told her over the years! 

This is something that has popped unexpectedly into our lives at a time when my parents are struggling with the issues and indignities of old age. Yesterday my Dad was entertaining us with some memories of life in the army, he was very young and obviously quite a character as indeed he was all his life. 

It is great to see him reliving those distant days and good for us family to remember those good times when we struggle with them these days." Liz

"Keep up the good work, I am part of a WW1/2 committee for our town and we all think what you doing is fabulous" Lynne Beardmore

"I am not an emotional person, but I can't dry my eyes. My granddad was my hero, and unfortunately we lost him just a short while ago now. I can't thank you enough!"

"Many thanks for your reply, keep up the good work" Dave Speck

"Good Luck on your searches it all sounds fascinating bit like Sherlock Holmes" Beverley


"good luck with the job your doing I think its a great thing you and the team are trying to do" Chris Humble

"... there are still people out there to whom remembrance matters" Jenny Hardcastle

"Thank you for your time and all your hard work it is appreciated" Angelika Baddeley

"...the work you do is amazing and what an incredible find" Veronica Mason

“The shock, the unexpected gift, the realization that someone was going through rabbit holes seeking them out to offer them this free gift is incredibly moving. It's also a token of a bygone era, something that would have belonged to their loved ones. For people who are still grieving their loss (like the 87 year old widow who lost her husband 4 years ago and received a tag this week), the simple piece of metal with their loved one's initials and serial number attached is a treasure without measure.".



- Katey Mishler (regarding the Forgotten Army Dog-tag project

raf wings plate ww2 duxford pilot spitfi
raf wings plate ww2 duxford pilot spitfi

nacb spoon ww1 canadian vimy extreme rel
nacb spoon ww1 canadian vimy extreme rel

ERH 2 pound rounds
ERH 2 pound rounds

Extreme relic hunters

raf wings plate ww2 duxford pilot spitfi
raf wings plate ww2 duxford pilot spitfi

“Extreme Relic Hunters are a dedicated team, who search worldwide to find and preserve military history... not only that, but get those items to where they rightfully belong, be that a museum or to the soldiers families".



- Dan Mackay